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World Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) Database


A unique information tool on the world 's carbon trading markets. Carbon Market Data offers free online access to the World Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) Database. The World ETS Database is a comprehensive analytical tool, which includes information on all mandatory carbon trading schemes in the world.

It currently includes data on the following carbon trading schemes:

Up-to-date information

  • The World ETS Database is updated on a regular basis.
  • As soon as a new country's registry goes on line, it is added to the World ETS database.

User-friendly interface

  • A great effort has been made during the design of the tool to make the use of the World ETS Databaseeasy and convenient. You can browse, search, sort and view the information just the way you want.

Easy access through internet

  • No hassle with CD-Rom posting and installation.


  • Manual
  • Glossary
  • Online support

The World ETS Database is a tool designed for all carbon market players:

  • Carbon market analysts
  • Carbon traders
  • Carbon brokers
  • Financial analysts
  • Energy market analysts
  • Energy commodities traders
  • Investment fund managers
  • Carbon insurers
  • Trade associations
  • Carbon portfolio managers
  • Carbon verifiers
  • Environmental consultants
  • Business consultants
  • Lawyers
  • Government officials
  • Researchers
  • NGOs

+50,000,000,000 t CO2e disclosed on the world’s companies *

* For year 2010
** Average of the annual emissions for the years 2004, 2005 and 2006
*** Fiscal year 2010/11
**** CO2e emissions reductions, estimated

The World ETS Database includes CO2 emissions data on :
15,000 power plants, factories and other facilities
10,000 companies from 160 countries
12,600 CDM and JI projects in more than 120 countries

Total of CO2 emissions reported in 2011: 2.5 bn tCO2

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