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WQS - Water Quality Smart System



WQS (Water Quality Smart System) monitoring system 'aware' of the quality of industrial water - primary and/or wastewater treatment - is essential to obtain guarantees on the 'continuity of quality'. You can, in fact, observed in real time or even early ('early warning') events, the trend of operating efficiency and symptoms that typically precede the occurrence of critical events to process and/or plant.

The system of online monitoring of water quality is a multi-parametric probe, which allows on-line detection of process parameters, thus ensuring continuity with the quality of sewage service. In addition, this system, unlike other mechanisms present in the market, offers a kit for wireless data transmission PC/PDA and then gives the possibility to have measures updated: data can be received directly on your handheld first and then transferred it comfortably PC.

The system is able to assess the deviations from the reference values calibrated in compliance with the minimum acceptable limits. Efficiency indicators process not only provide a report on time (normal/critical), but they give information of trends that detect operating conditions that are progressing at a critical stage and therefore are able to produce a warning.

Exploiting this principle of early warning, is it possible make a troubleshooting, starting from the diagnosis of a possible malfunction, it can indicate early stage testing and corrective actions as appropriate.Expert System

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