XiO, Inc.

- Pump Controller Software


This turnkey Cloud SCADA Pump Controller package includes the hardware and secure web-based user interface that lets operators easily control, monitor, and manage pump stations from anywhere.

Performs as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated part of a larger water system.


  • The secure cloud-based user interface gives you real-time views of performance, even at remote pump sites.
  • Flow Rate
  • Pump Status (On/Off)
  • Graph pump cycles over time
  • Accurate alarms
  • Pump failed to start
  • Lost Communication (UPS will keep it running long enough to report it)
  • Pump Failed to Start
  • Power Loss (UPS will keep it running long enough to report it)


  • Lead-Lag Pumping
    • Easily implement automated pumping strategies with alternation to maximize maintenance intervals.
  • Automatic Operation
    • Lead-Lag
    • Alternation
  • Remote Operation
    • Setpoint Changes
    • ON/OFF


  • Pump Efficiency
  • Runtime Reports
  • Energy Intensity
  • Virtual Water Meter™

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