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XMap 8 Offers Enhanced GIS, GPS Connectivity and Data Collection Tools. User-Friendly GIS Software Suite Provides Essential Field Mapping, Monitoring and Data Collection Tools for Energy, Natural Resource and Rail Transportation Professionals.

  • ArcSDE and PODS compatible*
  • Form based data collection
  • New database manager
  • Simplified installation
  • Sync to multiple databases
  • New SQL technology
  • WMS support*
  • One step GIS to handheld export
  • New topographic data

New in XMap 8

  • Form-based field data collection tools are now included with each license
  • Compatible with the DeLorme ArcSync Engine for automated data sync from the Esri ArcSDE to the DeLorme database
  • One-step transfer of GIS layers to the DeLorme companion handheld PN-60 GPS device
  • Integrated SQL technology for easier installation and routine maintenance

XMap 8 makes data collection and deployment simple and convenient for administrators and mobile field workers across all industries. XMap 8 is simple to learn, user-friendly and provides a low-cost, versatile, all-in-one GIS software solution that can be fully integrated into existing enterprise GIS systems, including Esri. Remote workers in the energy, rail transportation, and natural resource industries can benefit from the easy-to-use functionality and affordability of this latest and most enhanced version of our XMap product.

XMap 8 features a new database manager for enterprise users, which allows for quick selection of groups and individual users for subscriptions, and multi-select for both users and layers. The new version also features improved project file management and updated base maps that can be used to correct older project files. XMap 8 data and software installations have also been updated and optimized for larger institutions. Future updates can be easily patched without having to reinstall the entire application.

XMAP 8 also includes access to DeLorme's just-updated XMap North America Topographic 2013 Data Set (NA 2013). Essential for any in-field application, NA 2013 data contains a high-detail reference base map that can be combined with user topographic, routing, and geocoding datasets to create a solid foundation for all GIS and mapping requirements. NA 2013 includes more than 7.1 million miles of routable road network; aerial, waterway and railway transportation routes; and 7.5 million miles of hydrologic network – more than doubling that of the previous network of oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. XMap 8 also integrates with the DeLorme 2012 Digital Atlas of the Earth (DAE 2012), which is available for purchase separately. DAE 2012 is the first-ever 1:125,000 scale seamless topographic map with consistent coverage of the world.

XMap is ideal for enterprise users who want to manage their GIS data at the desktop or in the field. It simplifies the processes of collecting data out in the field and bringing that data back to the enterprise database.

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