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New Age businesses have to deal with ubiquitous data, an inevitable upshot due to digitalization. Every touch point of your business - from sales to customer care, HR to Social Network and financials to shop-floor, it is inundated with volumes of data and you simply cannot ignore it as there is so much information to be harnessed that can deliver immense business value. Predictably, this Big Data, both structured and unstructured, gets accumulated too fast as business grows and hence you may face difficulties to capture, create, search, share, store, manipulate, transfer measure, monitor and manage such volumes of data. Moreover standard analytics or BI tools and procedures may not be of much help.

Innovative and emerging Big Data and Analytical Services can be your answer. More than the management of the size of the data, it provides a sea of opportunities to find new and valuable insights from the myriad data sources, at varying speeds and types. Yet, with so many emerging trends around it, you need to carefully evaluate what best suits you and who can deliver that.

ZSL has been helping many progressive organizations worldwide to successfully initiate their Big Data programs and achieve a distinct competitive edge. We provide a holistic approach to resolve your big data challenges and drive significant benefits. The approach combines a thorough analysis of your existing needs and data quality, the use of appropriate big data technology solutions and services and innovative efforts to deliver measureable outcomes.

Our data experts use advanced technology, proven frameworks and methodologies and domain expertise to turn problems into successful business outcomes covering every aspect including Data Migration, Warm Archival, Customer 3600, Metadata Management, Sensor Data Analytics and Enterprise Data Harmonization.

ZSL Big Data and Analytical services cater to needs of BFSI, Health and Pharma, Entertainment, Telecom and Communication and FMCG. Our Big data Services include

  • Research & Consultation
  • Data strategy and Roadmap definition
  • Big Data Infrastructure Set up and Management
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Big Data Analytics Models / Framework : Development and Enhancement
  • Solution Implementation
  • Testing and accelerators

With ZSL best in class Data and Analytics services you can significantly propel your business forward. Our passion to deliver new technological innovations to our customers so that they can accelerate their business has compelled us to continually invest in the right infrastructure and skills. Our scalable, next-generation Big data and analytics services can create more value for your organization so that you can create compelling value to your customers, strengthen your brand, develop deep insights from your data and make wise on time decisions and build a cost-effective integrated value chain of key business processes to gain a competitive edge.

Today, by choosing our services you gain the following advantages:

  • 2 decades of experience in working with the leading global enterprises
  • A state-of-the art- Data Lab that supports our innovative and advanced data and analytics concept trials.
  • A dedicated Big Data team comprising a large pool of certified Big Data specialists and qualified domain talents
  • Off-the-shelf confluence of the next-generation analytic applications and the abilities to build new capabilities within a short span

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