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  • Cut-Off Walls
    Showcase Product

    Cut-Off Walls

    By AquaBlok, Ltd.

    The traditional liquid slurry trench method is well known for creating hydraulic barriers and has been used for decades to stem the flow of subsurface water and water-borne contamination. In many cases, a backfill ...

  • Flow Control Valve (FCV)
    Showcase Product

    Flow Control Valve (FCV)

    By Baski, Inc.

    The InFlex Flow Control Valve (FCV) is a fluid-actuated valve that permits pumping water to the surface or regulating the flow of water from the surface into the well, while using the same column pipe and maintaining a ...

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  • Baski, Inc.

    Baski, Inc.

    Baski Inc. manufactures the innovative Baski Inflatable Packer (BIP), Fracker, Flow Control Valves (FCV), Pitless Units, Cutthroat Flumes and other ...

  • HDDW - Visser & Smit Hanab

    HDDW - Visser & Smit Hanab

    Horizontal Directional Drilling Wells (HDDW) is a unique and proven method for groundwater extraction and infiltration. This new technology has many ...

  • Aquifer Water Guard (AWG)

    Aquifer Water Guard (AWG)

    Aquifer Water Guard (AWG) is a business that was and is established to meet the demands of the Ministry of Environment`s Regulation 170/03 and ...