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  • Ergonomic Hand Auger Set for Heterogeneous Soils - 5 M
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    Ergonomic Hand Auger Set for Heterogeneous Soils - 5 M

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

    The ergonomic hand auger set for heterogeneous soils is used to carry out manual drilling and sampling in a great variety of different soils in an ergonomically sound way. It is particularly suitable for general soil ...

  • Bi-Partite Gouge Auger
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    Bi-Partite Gouge Auger

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

    This bi-partite gouge auger distinguishes itself from other gouges by the cylindrical tapered cutting head at the bottom side of the gouge that, when the auger is pushed into the soil, cuts a cylinder shaped piece from ...

  • Gouge Auger Set for Stepwise Sampling
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    Gouge Auger Set for Stepwise Sampling

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

    Hand-operated equipment can be applied for soil research up to a depth of 5 to 10 meter. In this product information leaflet a number of gouge augers are described. Their mutual quality is that they are all fitted with ...

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  • Sevenoaks Environmental Consultancy Ltd

    Sevenoaks Environmental Consultancy Ltd

    Environmental Consultants specialising in the assessment and investigation of sites for potential ground contamination and for foundation design ...

  • GPR Data LLC

    GPR Data LLC

    GPR Data, Inc. established in 1998, is a company using Ground Penetrating Radar for non destructive investigation of earth and concrete. Based in ...

  • GeoSearches Inc

    GeoSearches Inc

    GeoSearches Inc is a full service Geophysical company for all non-intrusive subsurface investigations utilizing ground penetrating radar, ...

  • Orbis Environmental Consulting

    Orbis Environmental Consulting

    We provide cultural resource management, ecological and wildlife surveys, training and workshops. We offer training in plant identification and ...

  • Geophysics International

    Geophysics International

    Since 1984, Geophysics International has been revolutionizing the search and development of underground resources worldwide. In addition, our ...