Bathymetry equipment for Soil and Groundwater available in Slovakia

  • Premium

    Pinger - Model BFP-312 - Bottom Finding Benthos

    195 dB source level 12 KHZ Bottom Finding Pinger used in conjunction with a standard 12KHZ shipboard bathymetric recorder to monitor height off the bottom of instruments or sampling equipment being lowered through the water column.

    By General Oceanics Inc. based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA). from Air Sampling Product line

  • Oceanalpha - Model ME40 - Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Boat

    The ME40 is designed to give a high-efficiency hydrographic survey. By replacing conventional workboat, the ME40 is able to acquire bathymetry data without consuming much time and posing no human risk. Mission Planning, navigation control and real-time data acquisition are integrated into one package software, offering maximum efficiency to ...

    By Geospace Survey Services based in Littleover, Derby, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Echotrac - Model CV200 & CV300 - Hydrographic Echo Sounder

    Odom delivers the perfect union of flexibility and technology viewed through a user-friendly networked Windows interface. Alongside the advance features and options that make the Echotrac MKIII such an outstanding product, the CV brings users to the next level by providing an optional third acoustic channel. Whether it's side-scan, bathymetric or ...

    By Teledyne Odom Hydrographic, Inc. based in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Teledyne RD Instruments - RiverRay ADCP

    Go straight to work collecting highly accurate stream and river discharge data with the RIVERRAY ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler). This economical turnkey system comes complete with: the RiverRay ADCP, a custom-designed boat, user-friendly software, and convenient wireless communication—everything you need to begin making precision river ...

    By Teledyne RD Instruments based in Poway, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model Iver4 PW - Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)

    The Iver4 PW UUV offers users a new 300-meter workhorse system featuring long duration capability and no shipping restrictions with L3 OceanServer’s Lithium-free standard design. The Iver4 comes standard with rechargeable NiMH battery packs supporting up to 20-hour run times of >74km mission duration for long ingress/egress missions.

    By L3 OceanServer based in Fall River, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • SAIV - Model TD301/TD303 - Pressure/ Depth Sensors/ Recorders

    The TD301/TD303 are precision instruments measuring temperature and depth (pressure) in the sea, lakes, water reservoirs, groundwater, rivers and on R.O.V. etc. All settings like measuring interval, real time clock etc, are accessed via menu. The programmed settings and calibration coefficients are maintained in nonvolatile eeprom, and will not ...

    By Saiv A/S based in Laksevag, NORWAY.

  • Ovivo - Fish Guidance System – Sound Projector Arrays

    Ovivo Fish Guidance System - Sound Projector Arrays is based on the latest SILASTM(Synchronized Intense Light and Sound) technology. It is designed specifically for large scale water intakes, but is suitable for any intake type including retrofit on marine and freshwater. The SILAS system uses a combination of flashing intense light and an ...

    By Ovivo based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Petrochemical - Raw Water Intake Product line

  • Valeport MIDAS - Surveyor GPS Echosounder

    The MIDAS Surveyor has been designed to offer a low cost solution for small scale hydrographic surveys. The system is supplied with a 210kHz transducer as standard, and uses Valeport's own advanced digital signal processing techniques to ensure high accuracy and reliable bottom tracking. With an integral SBAS enabled DGPS receiver, the MIDAS ...

    By Valeport Ltd based in Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Echosounders and Bathymetry Instruments Product line

  • Sigma - Single Photon Lidar (SPL)

    Single Photon LiDAR provides the most efficient approach to rapid, high-resolution 3D mapping. SPL requires only one detected photon per ranging measurement, as opposed to hundreds or thousands of detected photons per ranging measurement for conventional or Geiger Mode airborne LiDARs. The higher efficiency of the SPL offers more 3D mapping ...

    By Sigma Space Corporation based in Lanham, MARYLAND (USA). from Lidar Solutions Product line

  • Naval Sonar ASW and Mine Hunting

    We have developed and manufactured Naval sonars for anti-submarine warfare and mine hunting for more than 30 years.

    By Kongsberg Maritime AS based in Kongsberg, NORWAY. from Sonars Product line

  • Diver Held Sonar Imaging and Navigation System

    A one man Navigation and Sonar Reconnaissance unit. The Navigator is a second generation Sonar Imaging and Navigation System, designed by Shark Marine primarily for MCM and SAR use.The Navigator is in use by many of the worlds Navies, and has become a trusted piece of their standard kit and reshaped many of their SOPs.  The modularity of the ...

    By Shark Marine Technologies Inc. based in St. Catharines, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Diver Held Systems Product line

  • OceanAlpha - Model SL40Y - Remote Control Survey Boat

    Waterjet high speed platform for water discharge and bathymetry measurement.

    By OceanAlpha Group Ltd. based in Wan Chai, CHINA. from Small USV Product line

  • Bathyswath - Model 2 - Bathymetric & Seabed Mapping Survey System

    Bathyswath is a comprehensive bathymetric & seabed mapping survey system, derived from the established & respected SWATHplus system, which became Bathyswath 1. Bathyswath 2 is the latest generation of our bathymetric systems. You will not find lower prices for a similar quality (IHO standards compliant, bathymetry and sidescan).

    By Beijing Hydrosurvey Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA. from Sonar Product line

  • Dual miniIPS - Precision Underwater Pressure Sensor

    The Dual miniIPS is a development of the industry standard miniIPS precision underwater pressure sensor.  2x 0.01% accuracy, independent pressure sensors are mounted in the front face of the instrument offering redundant observations and potentially, vessel time saving where multiple observation sessions can be carried out in a single sortie.

    By Valeport Ltd based in Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Echosounders and Bathymetry Instruments Product line

  • Comanche - Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)

    The SeaTrepid Comanche is an ideal source when seeking a work class solution in a small package. Offering a generous 15kW / 20 hp hydraulic power unit for work class manipulation and tooling combined with a powerful control and diagnostics package for survey and other data collection, the Comanche offers high performance, high reliability, and ...

    By SeaTrepid International, LLC based in Robert, LOUISIANA (USA). from Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) Product line

  • Valeport miniIPS - Intelligent Pressure Sensor

    The miniIPS is a precision underwater pressure sensor; 0.01% accuracy, a titanium housing and a choice of pressure ranges make it a cost effective solution for offshore engineers, vehicle pilots, and other operators who require highly accurate depth information in real time. The miniIPS is also compatible with Valeport's MIDAS BathyPack and ...

    By Valeport Ltd based in Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Echosounders and Bathymetry Instruments Product line

  • EcoMapper

    The EcoMapper is a unique AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) designed to create high-resolution maps of water quality and bathymetry. The YSI EcoMapper is a one-man deployable, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) designed to collect bathymetry and water quality data. The submarine-like vehicle follows a programmed course and employs sensors ...

    By Xylem Analytics UK Limited based in Hertfordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Automated Underwater Vehicles (AUV) Product line

  • Surveyor

    CAT-Surveyor is a small USV for surveys in harbor, coastal and inland waters such as civil works and infrastructure inspections (dams, bridges, quays, dikes, gates…), bathymetry, ADCP, sea bottom surveillance and environmental monitoring.

    By QRV Systems sro based in Praha, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Robotics Product line

  • Ceescope - Model USV - Unique Single Or Dual Frequency Hydrographic Surveying System

    CEESCOPE-USV is a unique single or dual frequency hydrographic surveying system with GNSS positioning, echo sounding, data recording, and data telemetry in a single compact package for use on remotely-operated or autonomous survey boats.

    By CEE HydroSystems based in NSW, AUSTRALIA. from Hydrographic Survey Single Beam Echosounder Product line

  • HydroSurveyor - 5-Beam Depth Sounding Device

    The HydroSurveyor is a system designed to collect bathymetric, water column velocity profile, and acoustic bottom tracking data as part of a hydrographic survey.  The two key components of the system are the HydroSurveyor Acoustic Doppler Profiler (ADP®) platform, and the powerful, yet user-friendly, data collection software. With the ...

    By SonTek - A Xylem Brand based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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