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Bioremediation Technology equipment for Soil and Groundwater

  • Remediact - Liquid Bioremediation Agent

    Soil & Water Remediation Formula This product will solve water & soil hydrocarbon contamination problems. It will bio-remediate most hydrocarbons, in deep water or soil, with a minimum amount of equipment, labor and cost.Liquid Remediact™ is a newly developed product that was created to solve soil & water hydrocarbon ...

    By EnviroLogic based in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Soil & Water Remediation Product line

  • Bioremediation System

    Nothing will happen in a Bioremediation Treatment unless you can get the microbes and nutrient in contact with the contaminant. You should strive for a moisture level of at least 20%. How you achieve that varies from engineer to engineer.

    By Catalina Biosolutions based in Tucson, ARIZONA (USA).

  • PeroxyChem - Model ELS™ Microemulsion - Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination Systems

    ELS™ Microemulsion is a lecithin-based substrate of food-grade carbon used to enhance anaerobic bioremediation. ELS creates reducing conditions and serves as an electron donor for dechlorinating bacteria, promoting enhanced reductive dechlorination reactions. ELS is delivered as a 25% liquid emulsion that is cold water soluble and can be ...

    By PeroxyChem based in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Soil & Groundwater Remediation Product line

  • Model CoAg2-20A - Chemical Treatment System

    The Water Maze CoAg2-20A System is an advanced chemical treatment system, using the method of adding a chemical coagulant and polymer to the treatment process, to efficiently remove suspended solids and emulsified oils from the waste stream. The new Water Maze CoAg2-20A System is a very low maintenance, cost effective system to operate. The ...

  • Substrate Release Composition (SRC)

    Source-area bioremediation for chlorinated solvents is complicated by the complex migration of DNAPLs and the high proportion of sorbed-phase contaminant mass in the aquifer media compared to the relatively minor CVOC mass in ground water. Desorption of aquifer bound CVOCs is typically the rate-limiting factor for source-area remediation, such ...

    By Geovation Engineering, P.C. based in Florida, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Bioremediation Technology

    Bioremediation v.s. Biodegradation: Biodegradation refers to the natural process whereby bacteria or other microorganisms alter and break down organic molecules into other substances, such as fatty acids and carbon dioxide. Bioremediation is the act of adding materials to contaminated environments, such as oil spill sites, to cause an acceleration ...

    By Renewable Carbon Management LLC based in North Saint Cloud, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Bioremediate - Model BOD / COD - Bioremediation Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Wastewater Treatment systems rely on microbes to perform the function of the breakdown of sewage influent. These microbes live in the sludge of treatment plants and holding tanks. They digest the solids and breakdown various compounds. Some wastewater treatment systems are exceptionally efficient, others perform effectively soon after start up, ...

    By, LLC based in Stewart, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Wastewater Product line

  • Bioremediate - Model GTT-Clear - Grease Traps and Bioremediation System

    GTT-Clear for wastewater is biological treatment s designed for the food service industry. To digest the grease, fats and organic wastes that accumulate in the grease traps and drain lines.

    By, LLC based in Stewart, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Wastewater Product line

  • Model VB591 - Biodegradation Nutrition for Water Remediation

    VB591 Water is a totally green, effective treatment for groundwater remediation from hydrocarbon contamination and also water contaminated from oil spills. Using bioremediation technology ,VB591® works effectively in groundwater, rivers, coastal waterways, ship channels, harbors, marinas, lake and open seas.

    By BioNutraTech, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Hydro-Gobbler - Bioremediation Technology

    Bioremediation is a waste management technique that involves the use of cultured bacteria to remove or neutralize hydrocarbon pollutants from a contaminated site. Bioremediation is a treatment that uses naturally occurring organisms 'bacteria' to break down hazardous substances into non-toxic substances. Hydro-Gobbler is a bioremediation product ...

    By Gobbler Boats Ltd based in Wingrave, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • PermeOx Ultra - Engineered Calcium Peroxide

    PermeOx Ultra, the evolution PermeOx Plus, is a specially formulated grade of engineered calcium peroxide providing extended oxygen release for enhanced aerobic bioremediation.

    By PeroxyChem based in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Soil & Groundwater Remediation Product line

  • Organica - Biochemical Oxygen Release System (SRO2)

    Organica’s Biochemical Slow Release Oxygen System was developed to enhance bioremediation applications. The system provides a continuous supply of oxygen to many oxygen dependent processes such as composting, bioremediation of greases and oils and wastewater treatments. It is extremely useful for processes where mechanical aeration is not ...

    By Organica (UK) Limited based in Birkenhead, UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial and Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • BioGuy - Bioremediation Technology

    BioGuy is a bioengineering product that utilizes bacteria and zeolite hybrid technology to treat waste water. BioGuy bacteria were selected from their natural environment and isolated. Thereafter, they were strengthened with zeolite and formed into tablets. BioGuy bacteria ferment themselves and increase their population and they are used for ...

    By BakTek Çevre Teknolojileri San. ve Tic. A.Ş. based in Ümraniye, TURKEY.

  • Compass Remediation - Calcium Peroxide for Soil and Groundwater Remediation

    Calcium Peroxide is an oxygen-generating compound used for enhanced aerobic bioremediation for treatment of a variety of contaminants, including petroleum hydrocarbons, some solvents, pesticides, and others. The use of calcium peroxide promotes increased contaminant removal and  provides a sustained release of oxygen (up to 12 months) with no ...

    By Compass Remediation Chemicals based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • GES - Grease Eradication System

    Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) are natural by-products of the food processing and preparation industries. Unfortunately, these by-products frequently lead to blocked drains, foul smells, and equipment failures resulting in large plumbing bills, large fines, and unwanted downtime. Desperate Facilities Managers often turn to harsh chemicals or mechanical ...

    By American Leak Detection based in Palm Springs, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Drain Line Health Product line

  • Model EGM-4 - Environmental Gas Monitor

    The EGM-4 is a compact, lightweight instrument with a rugged aluminum enclosure making it a very portable and durable product. Additionally, the EGM-4 features an integral, rechargeable 12V battery and long life air sampling pump that can be used for both dynamic and static measurements. Data can be recorded manually or automatically at intervals ...

    By Toragon AB based in Umea, SWEDEN. from Air Quality and Gas Analysis Product line

  • Water Maze - Model CLB Series - Bio-System for Recycling or Discharging to Sanitary Sewer

    The Water Maze BioSystem of CLB Series employs the latest bio-technology for treating and recycling a broad range of commercial and industrial water, including golf and turf applications where there's a high organic content in the water stream.

  • OspreyMix - Model OSC1001 - OSPREYMIX

    Osprey’s bioremediation technology involves application of bio-stimulation product, OspreyMix, a nutrient compound that elicits massive growth of endogenous microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) to degrade/mineralise hydrocarbon in the soil to water, carbon dioxide and biomass (humus). The technology / product is applicable ...

    By Osprey EcoConsult Nigeria based in NIGERIA.

  • Water and Air Treatment Systems

    Encotech offers a complete line of treatment systems for process water, wastewater, groundwater remediation, and vapor phase applications. Our systems are available for purchase, lease, and rental in standard, off-the-shelf designs or customized desings to fit our customers' specific requirements.

    By Encotech, Inc. / Carbon Service and Equipment Company a Division of Encotech, Inc. based in Eighty Four, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Systems Product line

  • Newclyn - Bioremediation Technology for Oil Contamination Treatment

    The Problem: In the oil industry, there are moments then oil contamination happens: when oil is extracted, transported, refined, used, etc. Solving these problems by old techniques, we face other issues: the solutions are not environmentally friendly, are not effective for a high concentration of oil; are not cost-effective, so companies prefer ...

    By Bioversio based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA.

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