Bioremediation Testing

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  • PAH Bioremediation

    PAH Bioremediation

    The results of a recent bench-scale test confirmed the effectiveness of a special blend of CL Solutions’ microbes formulated for PAH bioremediation.  The test results showed that after two weeks, the total concentration of 15 PAH compounds decreased by 85% from a total of 358 mg/kg to 50.9 mg/kg.  Benzo(A)pyrene is often a most difficult PAH to remove. The test showed that the ...


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  • Bioaugmentation Culture System

    Bioaugmentation Culture System

    SiREM’s Bioaugmentation Value Proposition: Guaranteed Results – Competitive Pricing – Unrivalled Technical Support. KB-1® and KB-1® Plus bioaugmentation cultures have been used for over a decade to enhance bioremediation of chlorinated solvents. These cultures introduce beneficial microorganisms to contaminated sites where they are absent or at low concentrations. ...