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Borehole Water equipment for Soil and Groundwater

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    Geotech - Model Dipperlog - Portable Gas Analysers

    The Dipperlog measures and records the water level and temperature at preset intervals inside boreholes and open bodies of water. Data is stored on the unit allowing downloading to computer at convenient time.

    By QED Environmental Systems Ltd. based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Portable Gas Analysers Product line

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    CETCO COARSE CHIPS - Hole Abandonment Material

    CETCO COARSE CHIPS are natural sodium bentonite screened to 3/8 inch to 3/4 inch in size. PUREGOLD MEDIUM CHIPS are natural sodium bentonite screened to 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch in size. Both are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60, Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals - Health Effects.

    By CETCO based in Wallasey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hole Abandonment Material Product line

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    STRAHL - Downhole / Well Camera

    Our Downhole / Borehole Camera is a great combination of modern technology and affordable price. Designed for a wide range of underground and underwater applications, the camera allows users to expand the range of their inspections with a minimal investment.

    By by Medit Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Downhole / Well Camera Product line

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    Geotech - Oil Water Separator

    The product is separated through liquid flow by passing through a media pack allowing for product, water, solids separation oven a given time, maximum flow rate for the unit being no greater than 60Lt min.

    By QED Environmental Systems Ltd. based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Oil Water Separator Product line

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    DE-CHLOR - Dechlorination Additive

    DE-CHLOR is a white granular crystal that neutralizes chlorine in municipal water. Chlorine in water supplies can destroy polymer drilling fluids.

    By CETCO based in Wallasey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dechlorination Additive Product line

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    In-Situ - Model 200 - Water Level Meter

    The In-Situ Water Level Meter 200 is the premier engineer-grade tape designed for groundwater professionals, with high-tensile steel tape and stainless steel conductors. This water level tape is ASME-certified and offers maximum longevity in the field, ideal for measuring depth-to-water in wells, boreholes, direct push equipment, and standpipes. ...

    By In-Situ, Inc. based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA). from Water Level Meter Product line

  • Model BGK5 - Borehole Geophone

    The borehole geophone BGK5 is used to receive P- and S-waves in dry or water filled boreholes. The borehole geophone BGK5 consists of four horizontal sensors, separated by 45° intervals, and one vertical sensor. The geophone is coupled to the borehole wall by a pneumatic clamping system (inflatable bladder). Air is supplied to the BGK5 through ...

    By Geotomographie GmbH based in Neuwied, GERMANY. from Borehole Geophone Product line

  • Model BHC4 - Hydrophone String Borehole Receivers

    The hydrophone string BHC4 is used to receive P-waves in water filled boreholes. The BHC4 consists of a downhole cable containing a Kevlar tension string and a number of moulded hydrophones at pre-defined intervals. Each hydrophone consists of a sensor with a pre-amplification board. The electronic boards are powered from the surface by a bank of ...

    By Geotomographie GmbH based in Neuwied, GERMANY. from Hydrophone String Borehole Receivers Product line

  • Single and Multi-Stage Vertical Turbine Pumps

    SPP Pumps Lowest Life-cycle Cost Series of Single and Multi-Stage Vertical Turbine pumps have been designed for longevity and incorporate many standard features, which facilitate ease of maintenance.

    By SPP Pumps Limited based in Theale Reading, UNITED KINGDOM. from Single and Multi-Stage Vertical Turbine Pumps Product line

  • Model BA-Series - Borehole Antenna

    Geoscanners is one of the rare GPR manufacturers who provide solutions for borehole surveying. All of the borehole antennas in our product line are extremely slim (38mm in diameter), making the BA-antennas ideal for vertical and horizontal boreholes of relatively small diameters. The antenna connectors are devised specifically for the BA antennas ...

    By Geoscanners AB based in Boden, SWEDEN. from Borehole Antenna Product line

  • Model ERT - SwitchBox COMMDD

    Nowadays the electrical tomography method is very popular and much used for geotechnical prospecting. And it is necessary to use special state-of-the-art instrumentation. In generally cases, due to high price and limited range of current geological objectives, purchase of multichannel systems is unwarrantable.

    By Zond Software based in Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA.

  • Water Sample Analysis Test

    Water analysis for drinking water suitability. We offer a comprehensive facility for independent water testing via a UKAS accredited laboratory. The sample bottles will be delivered directly to your door, and then collected from you and taken direct to the laboratory in order to ensure testing accuracy. If you are on a private water supply whether ...

    By Kleiber UK Ltd based in Wakefield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Sample Analysis Test Product line

  • Electromagnetics (TDEM)

    Particularly in areas with magnetic but non-metallic interferences, like areas with recycling layers and brick debris we use electromagnetics. With this method, we can also detect non-magnetic metal-objects (e.b. brass).

    By Tauber Rohrbau GmbH & Co. KG based in Münster, GERMANY.

  • Model MS1200-SYS - VOC Concentration Monitoring System

    MS1200-SYS VOC/Hydrocarbon Concentration Monitoring System. The MS1200-SYS is a VOC monitoring system which provides measurements of VOC concentrations. For a recent Case Study involving the use of this monitor. It is designed for VOC monitoring in water (raw river, borehole and treated), air and land remediation and industrial applications. This ...

    By Multisensor Systems Ltd based in Stockport, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Mobile CCTV Survey Units

    Mobile CCTV survey units can carry out a visual inspection of boreholes and wells from 65mm diameter and up to 300m depth with national coverage. We are able to provide a one-stop service for pump removal, CCTV survey and subsequent pump reinstallation thereby minimising borehole downtime and maximising efficiency of service.

    By G STOW PLC based in Wallingford, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Leveltrack - Groundwater Monitoring Datalogger

    The Leveltrack datalogger is equipped with an GPRS and/or 3G communication module, antenna or an internal battery. The data is stored locally and periodically and transmitted to the main post, through which the user is kept up to date about the water level state.

    By I-Real based in Terborg, NETHERLANDS. from Groundwater Monitoring Datalogger Product line

  • Heron - Model dipperLog NANO - Water Level Loggers

    Our dipperLog NANO water level loggers are a low cost data logger for continuous monitoring of water levels and temperature in wells, boreholes and open bodies of water. It offers a wide range of sampling intervals with pressure ranges to 400ft/120m water head with temperature.

    By HERON Instruments Inc. based in Dundas, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Water Level Loggers Product line

  • Massenza - Model MM4 - Drilling Rig

    The MM4 is more than a multipurpose drilling rig: thanks to its special design it can perform in all the directions micropiles, anchors, geotechnical investigations and also water wells and geothermal boreholes.

    By Massenza Drilling Rig based in Parola, ITALY. from Drilling Rig Product line

  • Reverse Osmosis System

    Reverse Osmosis, Water Treatment, is for treating sea water or borehole water and making it into drinking water. The systems can be installed in a plant room or a container depending on site conditions and client requirements. EnviroTech based in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, and London, England with offices in Dubai, Sharjah, the ...

    By EnviroTech based in Masdar City, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Reverse Osmosis System Product line

  • CleanStream - Pump Sets

    As you would expect from a pump company we stock, supply, install, service and repair thousands of different pumps from hundreds of different manufacturers. If you want more details on our vast range of pumps visit, although the pumps more commonly associated with water treatment are borehole pumps and booster sets.

    By CleanStream c/o Marshall Pump Systems Ltd. based in Oldham, UNITED KINGDOM.

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