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  • Geotube Dewatering Technology A Key Component In Hylebos Waterway Cleanup - Case Study

    The Hylebos Waterway was named after a 19th century priest who served parishes in Tacoma and Steliacoom, WA. For years, however, the name was associated with one of the largest Superfund sites in the nation. The Hylebos Waterway contains a toxic layer of sediment contaminated with PCBs, PAHs, arsenic, hexachlorobenzene, hexachloro-butadiene, and other organics and metals. The contamination comes ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Amphibious Excavator. Multipurpose Dredger

    Amphibious Excavator. Multipurpose Dredger

    Watermaster Amphibious Multipurpose Dredger excels alone in the tasks that are conventionally handled with multiple separate machines. With its versatile selection of quickly changeable attachments, the Watermaster can do all shallow water work from dry ground up to the depth of six meters. There are two Watermaster models available: CLASSIC IV and CLASSIC V.