Chlorinated Compound Remediation

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  • Modular System
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    Modular System

    By Bioconservacion SA

    The UPP is designed to provide and maintain continuous positive pressurised air, free of corrosive gasses in environments requiring protection from these risks.

  • Magnezyum Nitrat
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    Magnezyum Nitrat

    By Unikeyterra Chemical Fertilizer Company

    Fully water Soluble Magnesium Nitrate is a free flowing, fine crystalline powder, which dissolve quickly in water without any residues.High purity Magnesium Nitrate free of chlorine compound, sodium and heavy metals ...

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  • Naturally-Produced Organohalogens

    Should the production and use of chlorine and all chlorinated organic compounds be halted, in view of their adverse effects on the environment and ...