Chlorinated Compound Remediation equipment for Soil and Groundwater available in Europe

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    BUCHI - UniversalExtractor E-800

    The UniversalExtractor E-800 is specifically designed for challenging extraction tasks. Six distinct extraction positions allow for individual process control and operation of different extraction methods in parallel. Powerful heaters combined with advanced process control enable quickest and most reproducible extraction process.

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG based in Postfach, SWITZERLAND. from Extraction Solutions Product line

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    Fluence CYCLONE - Coarse Bubble Diffuser

    A diamond-shaped, open-ended design maximizes bubble-shearing action and offers a simple approach to solving clogging issues. CYCLONE coarse bubble diffusers are easy to install, require no scheduled maintenance, and are perfect for any coarse bubble system. The Cyclone is a proven performer. It’s easy to install and needs no scheduled ...

    By Fluence Corporation based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA). from Aeration Equipments Product line

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    SpeedExtractor - Model E-914/E-916 - Pressurized Solvent Extraction Laboratory Instrument

    The SpeedExtractor is your best solution for fast Pressurized Solvent Extraction (PSE). Increase productivity by processing up to 6 samples in parallel. Streamline the workflow of your sample preparation thanks to ease of sample loading and ready-to-use extract collection.

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG based in Postfach, SWITZERLAND. from Extraction Solutions Product line

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    Dulcotest - Sensors for Bromine

    Graduated measuring ranges 0.01 – 10 mg/l. Bromine measurement with DULCOTEST sensors: Safe metering in disinfection processes with bromine. The robustness of the sensors makes them suitable for wide range of water qualities.

    By ProMinent GmbH based in Heidelberg, GERMANY. from Measuring, Control and Sensor Technology - Sensors Product line

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    Kurita - Model NT - Innovative Biofouling Control Technology

    Biofouling is a major problem for the efficient operation of an open cooling water system. Slime produced by bacteria can very quickly form strong stable biofilm on heat exchanger, pipework and tower fill surfaces with really undesired consequences: Fast development - can be within days. Decrease heat transfer - 1µm of biofilm = 5 ...

    By Kurita based in Tokyo, JAPAN. from Innovations Product line

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    LIQUID BOOT - Spray-Applied Gas Vapor Barrier

    LIQUID BOOT® is a seamless, spray-applied, water-based membrane containing no VOCs, which provides a barrier against vapor intrusion into structures. LIQUID BOOT® is installed under slab and on below grade vertical walls as a gas vapor barrier to minimize vapor and nuisance water migration into buildings. LIQUID BOOT® spray-application ...

    By CETCO based in Wallasey, UNITED KINGDOM. from LIQUID BOOT - Featured Products Product line

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    Dulcotest - Sensors for Total Chlorine

    Graduated measuring ranges 0.01 – 10 mg/l. Reliably measure total chlorine with the versatile DULCOTEST sensors for total chlorine. Accurate measured values and a high degree of monitoring and process reliability are guaranteed.

    By ProMinent GmbH based in Heidelberg, GERMANY. from Measuring, Control and Sensor Technology - Sensors Product line

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    Cerex - Model UV 3000 XF - Environment Monitoring Analyzers

    Cerex UV 3000 XF model analyzers are in use worldwide in laboratory, mobile, and process air quality applications. The UV3000 XF series features outstanding flexibility and is well suited for a range of custom applications. Its fiber coupled cell options offer a vast range of detection limits while simultaneously ensuring separation of the main ...

    By Cerex Monitoring Solutions, LLC. based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Process Analyzers Product line

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    Bi-On - Model UPP - Modular System

    The UPP is designed to provide and maintain continuous positive pressurised air, free of corrosive gasses in environments requiring protection from these risks.

    By Bioconservacion SA based in Barcelona, SPAIN. from AIRCLEAN Machines Product line

  • MFR - Modified Fenton`s Reagent for In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO)

    ISOTEC's modified Fenton's in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) process is based on the fundamental principles of Fenton's chemistry. H.J.H. Fenton first demonstrated the use of Fenton's chemistry in 1894 by oxidation of tartaric acid using a soluble iron-catalyzed decomposition of dilute hydrogen peroxide under acidic conditions. The modified ...

  • Chemical Couplings - 100-1000mm diameter

    Flexseal Chemical Couplings provide a watertight connection where a chemically inert flexible coupling is required.

    By Flexseal Couplings Ltd (Fernco Group) based in Wombwell, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Flue Gas Cleaning and Conditioning Plant

    Depending on the fuel, size of the plant and the customer’s requirement, the flue gases from biomass energy plants are cleaned before they are directed outside via the chimney system.

    By Polytechnik Luft- und Feuerungstechnik GmbH based in Weissenbach (NÖ), AUSTRIA.

  • Novo Energy - Operations Control System

    Novo renewable energy facilities are designed to meet the most stringent state and federal standards for solid fuel projects, including municipal waste combusters.

    By Novo Energy, LLC based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA).

  • Ultrafiltration System

    Ultrafiltration technology, which is becoming a preferred technology in industrial applications, provides economical and efficient solutions for advanced water treatment. Its simple operating system, high efficiency (-90%) and low costs, when compared with the effective and successful treatment results that can be obtained through the system, ...

    By Hazar A.S- Hazar Water Treatment based in Beyoğlu, TURKEY.

  • TRS - Model ERH - Electrical Resistance Heating

    TRS is the leader in the in situ thermal remediation marketplace. Property owners nationwide select the TRS ERH process for quick and reliable results.

    By TRS Group, Inc. based in Longview, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Emulsified Zero Valent Iron (EZVI)

    This technology was designed for the in-situ treatment of dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs) or more specifically chlorinated solvents found in contaminated groundwater, and is one of the few methods that can treat the DNAPL source

    By Bio Blend Technologies based in Cantonment, FLORIDA (USA).

  • AFL - Carbon Filter Cartridges

    AFL cartridges are manufactured under controlled conditions to produce efficient and high capacity filters.  The primary function of carbon is the removal of chlorine, volatile organic compounds, chlorinated hydrocarbons and organic impurities whilst acting as a mechanical filter for particulate reduction.  Designed to flow radially with ...

    By Aycliffe Filtration Limited based in Darlington, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Ozone 03

    Ozone 03 is an allotropic form of oxygen 02. Ozone is the most powerful oxidant which can be used in water treatment. The compounds which are not oxidized by chlorine may be oxidized by ozone, and those which are oxidized by chlorine may be much more rapidly oxidized by ozone. Ozone is therefore a much more effective disinfectant than chlorine, ...


  • Bioionix - High-Performance Catalytic Electrodes Oxidize

    Bioionix wants to be recognized as a forward-thinking leader in advanced food safety. With an innovative mindset, Bioionix continues to create new solutions for your liquid treatment needs. As liquid flows through the Bioionix reactor, high-performance catalytic electrodes oxidize the solution to selectively separate out key compounds, creating ...

    By BioIonix, Inc based in McFarland, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • TitraCLOR - Model C - Laboratory Test for Total Chlorine in Used Oil, (Waste Oil)

    If you have a laboratory available and want to obtain optimal precision in your chlorine testing, then the Titra-Clor laboratory kits may be the preferred method. The Titra-Clor kits use chemistry similar to Clor-D-Tect, but because the sample is weighed out on an analytical balance and titrated using a full scale laboratory buret, greater ...

    By Dexsil Corporation based in Hamden, CONNECTICUT (USA).

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