chlorinated compounds degradation (Chlorinated Compound Remediation) equipment available in Northern Ireland

  • EOS - Model BAC-9 - Bioaugmentation Cultures

    BAC-9 is an enriched bioaugmentation culture capable of degrading chlorinated solvents to innocuous compounds efficiently via halorespiration. A microbial consortium of Dehalococcoides mccartyi enriched to degrade PCE and TCE completely to ethene.

    By EOS Remediation, LLC based in Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Bioaugmentation Cultures Product line

  • Environoc - Model 201 - Bioremediation Complex Organics

    The microbes comprising this blend have been selected for their capabilities to handle complex organic degradation; terpenes, chlorinated compounds, many pesticides, herbicides. Bioremediation of Agricultural residuals reduction of certain pesticides and herbicides in soil/water, management of waste water for manufacturers and other contaminated ...

    By Biodyne-USA, LLC. based in Fort Wayne, INDIANA (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Avecom - Model MDB 1.0 - Multidecholorbac

    Multidecholorbac (MDB) is a bacterial mix for the degradation of chlorinated volitile organic compounds (CVOC). The specialized microbial team anaerobically degrades the contaminants to the harmless chloride and ethenein the presence of a carbon source without accumulation of toxic intermediates.

    By Avecom based in Wondelgem, NETHERLANDS.

  • Carus - Model CAP 18ME - Anaerobic Bioremediation

    CAP 18 ME® anaerobc bioremediation product has been specifically manufactured for environmental applications such as remediation of soils and associated groundwater. This product can be used to degrade a variety of contaminants including chlorinated solvents, nitrates, sulfates, perchlorate, explosives, and other compounds found as ...

    By Carus Corporation based in Peru, ILLINOIS (USA). from Remediation Products Product line

  • Model BOS 100 - In-Situ Remediation Technology

    BOS 100 is a Trap & Treat in situ remediation technology specifically designed to degrade chlorinated solvents. It is a unique material manufactured from high grade virgin carbons (intended for use in food or drinking water applications). The food grade carbon is impregnated with metallic iron formed under reducing conditions at a temperature ...

    By Remediation Products Incorporated (RPI) based in Golden, COLORADO (USA).

  • PeroxyChem EHC - Metals Reagent

    EHC® Metals Reagent is a remediation product for immobilization of metals combining controlled-release carbon, micro-scale zero-valent iron & a slow-release of sulfate. Following placement of EHC Metals Reagent into the saturated zone, a number of chemical and microbiological processes combine to create strongly reducing conditions under ...

    By PeroxyChem based in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Soil & Groundwater Remediation Product line

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