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Contaminated Sediment equipment for Soil and Groundwater

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    REACTIVE CORE MAT - Model APATITE - Permeable Composite of Geotextiles and a Mineral

    REACTIVE CORE MAT APATITE is a permeable composite of geotextiles and a mineral that adsorbs and sequesters certain metals from water.

    By CETCO based in Wallasey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Permeable Composite of Geotextiles and a Mineral Product line

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    Organoclay - Bulk Capping

    Mitigates organic contaminant transport into waterways. Adsorptive capacity reduces required thickness compared to in-situ sand cap. Adsorptive capability provides a sub-aqueous chemical isolation of contaminated sediment mitigating organic contaminant transport into the waterway. High capacity for low-soluble organics provides treatment for NAPL, ...

    By CETCO based in Wallasey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Bulk Capping Product line

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    QUIK-SOLID - Model 50 - Granular Cross-Linked Polyacrylate Superabsorbent Polymer

    QUIK-SOLID® 50 is a custom blend of granular cross-linked polyacrylate superabsorbent polymer and ORGANOCLAY®. This high performing product rapidly absorbs and retains large volumes of aqueous solutions, while also offering a hydrophobic component to adsorb low soluble organic matter. The absorptive properties of QUIK-SOLID 50 are ideally ...

    By CETCO based in Wallasey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Granular Cross-Linked Polyacrylate Superabsorbent Polymer Product line

  • ACE - GeoContainer

    ACE Geocontainer known as  ACEContainer®  is made of numerous panels of high strength ACETex® and commonly filled with sand, sediment or other fillings. When full,  ACEContainer®  is then stitched up and dumped at an appropriate or projected site. With years of geotextile sewing experience,  ...

    By ACE Geosynthetics based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from GeoContainer Product line

  • Poly-Overpack - Model 20 - Salvage Drum

    The new 20-gallon Salvage Drum is a versatile unit that can directly contain solids and sludges with security. With a 1/2 turn lid, this ergonomically designed unit allows for easy access, unlike traditional “hoop-ring designs.” The 20-gallon Salvage Drum accepts bottles, cans and 5-gallon pails. Units are also nestable, which allows ...

    By Spill Source based in Denver, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Salvage Drum Product line

  • PURASORB - Model L - GMP Grade L-Lactide

    PURASORB L is a GMP grade L-lactide, a dimer of L-lactic acid. L-lactide is white, crystalline solid and is commonly used for the synthesis of lactide containing polymers and copolymers.

    By Corbion based in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS. from GMP Grade L-Lactide Product line

  • Yucca - Model 50 - Liquid

    A concentrated natural extracted of Yucca schidigera. Extraction is by cold pressed processing to insure retention of all natural state attributes. Yucca extract contains the general food solids and Yucca saponins common to the Yucca species and is approved for use in food under FDA Federal Register Paragraph 21 CFR 172.510.

    By Baja Yucca Company based in Carefree, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Model BSA - Covered Bow Screens

    The BSA type is completely covered. It is equipped with a movable cover in the screen plate area. The cover is attached to the housing with hinges and is easy to operate via the lever and the lockable pneumatic springs It serves mainly as splash protection and aesthetics of the bow screen. The unit can also be equipped with an inspection glass. An ...

    By Haase Abwassertechnik GmbH & Co.KG based in Troisdorf, GERMANY. from Covered Bow Screens Product line

  • Contaminated Sediment Management

    Woods Hole Group’s expertise in managing contaminated sediments in marine environments ensures that sediments will not present a complication to coastal and marine engineering projects, such as urban dredging and site remediation. Woods Hole Group performs a comprehensive risk assessment analysis that identifies the extent of contaminated ...

    By Woods Hole Group based in East Falmouth, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Neon Light Container

    Solid high capacity container, entirely made in electro welded carbon steel, designed and built for stocking fluorescent tubes and/or neon lights. The container has venting windows and two upper doors with handles to facilitate the openings, and a safety padlock. The base of the container has seats suitable for transpallet and forklift truck. The ...

    By ESSEGI Meccanica di Saro Gulotta S.a.s based in San Gimignano (SI), ITALY. from Neon Light Container Product line

  • C86 Series Mechanical Seals

    Complying to the balanced structure of type ā€œUā€ installation dimension to DIN24960 standard, the seal has optimized seal faces which can realize the low leakage emission. It can be used for common working condition and also the fluid containing solids or high viscosity.

    By Dandong Colossus Group Co., Ltd. based in Dandong, CHINA.

  • MB - Model PA - Robot Conveyors

    The  photo alongside shows the  PA conveyor complete with  polycarbonate guards.The PA model conveyor (110x30 mm lateral section) is found to be the most suitable for this purpose because of:the sturdiness and solidity of the structure.The possibility of installino/removino the containment side panels.Possibility ot installing ...

    By MB Conveyors srl based in Brogliano, ITALY. from Robot Conveyors Product line

  • Artisan - Evaporator/Stripper

    Artisan’s falling-film Evaporation/Stripper column is the most cost-effective method of reducing volatiles in heat sensitive and viscous products to low ppm or ppb levels.

    By Artisan Industries, Inc. based in Stoughton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Evaporator/Stripper Product line

  • Artisan Dualflo - Distillation Trays

    Dualflo distillation trays offer a simple solution to difficult distillation or stripping processes, especially in fouling service. They use the entire column cross-section as active mass transfer surface, enabling higher throughput and eliminating dead spots. Simplicity of design and ease of cleaning greatly reduce both installation and operating ...

    By Artisan Industries, Inc. based in Stoughton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Distillation Trays Product line

  • GENNARETTI - Centrifuge System

    The heart of the Gennaretti centrifuge is constituted by the main structure, which gives it an unmistakeable appearance and strength and solidity through time, unique in this sector: the machine body is manufactured in heavy moulding of spheroidal cast iron. The discharges for the solid and the liquid are cast in stainless steel. Each of these ...

    By GENNARETTI Spa based in 60035 Jesi, ITALY.

  • Dragflow - Model DRS Series - Dredges With Ladder

    A classic architecture of naval dredging equipment that combines certain advantages of using a submersible dredging equipment: more productivity and less cost. This solution is suitable to perform dredging operations on very compact land. the lifting of material is made by the combined action of the excavators, fixed to the pump at the end of the ...

    By Dragflow S.r.l. based in Villafranca, ITALY. from Dredges With Ladder Product line

  • CHOPPER - Model PTS SERIES - Submersibile Pump

    Submersibile Pump With large through-passage, open multi-channel impellers and double chopping system in the suction. Reccommended for particulary heavy aoolications requiring a preliminary chopping of the solid material contained in the liquid being pumped.

    By IRRILAND s.r.l. based in Guastalla, ITALY. from Submersibile Pump Product line

  • Tin Sample Canisters

    Deep drawn plain tin with tight-fitting cover that fits bottom to keep canister and cover together. Conforms to ASTM specifications as containers for testing the penetration of semi-solid and solid bituminous materials.

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA).

  • Dragflow - Model DRT Series - Dredges With Telescopic Boom

    The dredge equipped with a telescopic boom guarantees precision and control. It can be used in operations in which the maintenance of a precise dredging depth is  predetermined. in combination with a powerful monitoring system, allows 'surgical' operations. Perfect examples could be a trade harbours where it is essential to remove a precise ...

    By Dragflow S.r.l. based in Villafranca, ITALY. from Dredges With Telescopic Boom Product line

  • Goulds Pumps - Model CV 3196 i-FRAME - Non-Clog Process Pumps

    The CV 3196 i-FRAME is designed specifically to provide superior performance for process services containing solids. Goulds concentric volute casing with recessed open impeller provides non-clogging capability with minimal solids degradation. In addition, the CV 3196 i-FRAME can handle liquids entrained with air or gas.

    By ITT Goulds Pumps based in Seneca Falls, NEW YORK (USA).

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