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Geoprob - Model 6610DT - Compact Size Direct Push Machine

by Geoprobe Systems     based in Salina, KANSAS (USA)

The compact size of the Model 6610DT direct push machine gets you in to confined spaces to get the work done.  Because the weight of the unit is evenly distributed over both tracks, the Model 6610DT can easily maneuver through shallow water, soft sands, or muddy fields.  But its convenient structure doesn't sacrifice strength... the ...

Solinst - Model 615 - Drive-Point Piezometer

by Solinst Canada Ltd.     based in Georgetown, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The Model 615 Drive-Point Piezometer is designed as an affordable method to monitor shallow groundwater and soil vapor in suitable conditions.

Solinst - Model 601 - Standpipe Piezometer

by Solinst Canada Ltd.     based in Georgetown, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The Solinst Model 601 Standpipe Piezometer is designed to be placed within a drilled hole to provide a filtered inlet point. The pointed PVC tip is also suitable for pushing into very loose sands at the base of a borehole, a stream, or into very loose tailings pond sediments.

Solinst - Model 660 - Drive-Point Profiler

by Solinst Canada Ltd.     based in Georgetown, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The Model 660 Profiler is designed to collect samples from multiple points in a single drive/drilling location, at discrete zones. It allows contaminant vs. depth profiling and detailed plume delineation. The profiler has a 1.75' (45 cm) dia. AW stainless steel tip with one row of screened inlet holes set circumferentially; holes lead to single ...

Environmental Products

by RST Instruments Ltd.     based in Maple Ridge, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

The Self-venting Submersible Electric Pump is an economical and effective way of pumping shallow wells. The Stainless Steel Screen Pre-Pack is ideal for use with direct push drill technology for small diameter monitoring wells.

Geoprobe Model 5410 – Mounted On An F-350 Ford Truck

by The Probing Company     based in Decatur, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

The Geoprobe® Model 5410 is a truck mounted direct push machine.  With this rig you get faster probing, a stronger foot, and added safety features all in a self contained Ford F-350 truck mounted platform.  The direct push machine can collect soil samples from the MacroCore Sampling System or the Large Bore Sampling System; collect ...

Environmental Drilling

by Hammer Environmental Services     based in Wasilla, ALASKA (USA)

In addition to performing site investigations with the UVOST, Hammer Environmental Services can perform more traditional environmental drilling services.  Hammer Environmental employs a Geoprobe 6610DT direct-push tract vehicle. Direct-push drilling uses percussion power to essentially ‘hammer’ sampling equipment (Macro-Core ...

Economy PrePak Screens

by GeoInsight     based in Las Cruces, NEW MEXICO (USA)

Ready-to-use, affordable Economy Screens provide cost-effective, convenient modular well installation. Economy Screens are suitable for use in most ground water sampling, air sparging, and water level monitoring applications. Low-cost, modular units provide fast, easy direct push well installation and economical performance suitable for many ...

Geoprobe - Model 8040DT - Multi-Purpose Machine

by GroundTech Solutions     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The Geoprobe Model 8040DT is a multi-purpose machine with the most powerful direct push hammer available and extremely robust auger capabilities (6000 ft lbs torque) mounted on a durable, wide-base, rubber track undercarriage. With the GH80 Hammer, this machine is capable of driving 4.5 inch (OD) heavy duty casing and tooling for soil sampling and ...

Water Level Measurements: Sounding Devices with Acoustic and Light Signal, Inversion

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS

The devices are provided with a probe, which is connected to a measuring tape with centimeter graduation. When the probe touches a conductive liquid, a clear acoustic and light signal is produced. If the cable is then lifted a little, the signal will stop. Determination of this point allows the user to read the depth directly from the measuring ...

CESCO AquaMiser - Model E75V-II - High Pressure Waterjet Blasting for Paint & Coatings Removal

by CESCO Aqua Miser Inc.     based in North Charleston, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA)

The Aqua Miser model E75V-II is a 75hp, electric motor driven, 40,000 psi 3.6gpm triplex plunger pump system. The E75V-II is where water-jetting meets the 21st century, combining the power of 40,000 psi with safety and innovation. Equipped with a variable speed pump drive, and through the use of a 8” color graphics touch screen, the operator ...

Trisoplast - Innovative Mineral Barrier for Environmental Protection and Waterproofing

by Trisoplast Mineral Liners International Bv     based in Velddriel, NETHERLANDS

Trisoplast is a patented mineral barrier, which was developed in the Netherlands by Trisoplast Mineral Liners. Its outstanding performance is achieved on-site by simply mixing the special bentonite-polymer component with a mineral filler. Sand is typically the preferred filler material due to its excellent shear strength characteristics, ease of ...

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