Displacement Monitoring

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  • Freeze-Dried Food…Dogs Eat It Up

    Freeze-Dried Food…Dogs Eat It Up

    OverviewAs dog owners, we treat our pets as we do our children, taking care that the food we give them is not only filling and nutritious but contains only high-quality ingredients sourced and processed in ways that meet our exacting standards.For many owners, far in the past are the days of grabbing any old bag of kibble off the shelf and feeding it to Fido or Ginger. Dog owners t


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  • Proximity Probes

    Proximity Probes

    CHB 3011 / CHB 3013 Proximity Probes - or displacement transduceres - are used to monitor the movement, i.e. the vibration of a machine. The probes are suitable for a variety of different applications like shaft location of sleeve bearing machines, monitoring of thrust bearing wear, vibration measurements, thermal expansion and etc. The probes are available in the following tip diameter versions: ...