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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Control of dredging works in the Danube River - Austria - Case study

    The Austrian waterway management has introduced an automatic system to monitor a series of barges, which calculates the dredged material as a basis for handling invoices of the dredging companies. Before converting to a remote data transmission option, all calculations were entered manually. The datalogger saves the cost for hand-writing documentation of the dredging works by external staff and ...


  • Two New Spill Monitoring Projects Using the SediMeterâ„¢

    In the summer of 2018, the newest SediMeter™ was deployed in two dredging projects to monitor sedimentation and near-bed turbidity on sensitive bottoms near the work zone. In each case, three instruments were deployed in the area of concern, ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Dredging Shrouds/Moonpools for Turbidity Control

    Dredging Shrouds/Moonpools for Turbidity Control

    Adiemas designs and constructs specialised dredging shrouds for the dredging of sensitive areas and contaminated substrates using backacters, bucket dredges, barge mounted tracked excavators using both buckets and dredging pumps. They are manufactured from robust HDPE with a fixed depth initial skirt (1.5m) they are able to be fitted with variable depth flexible skirts subject to the operational ...