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  • Maintenance of Drilling Bit

    Maintenance of Drilling Bit

    1. When using, remove the drill from the box and install it into the spring chuck of the spindle or automatically replace the tool magazine of the drill bit. When you are done, put it back in the box. When drilling steel, ensure adequate cooling and use metal cutting fluid.2. Good drill pipe rigidity and guide rail clearance can improve the accuracy of drilling and the life of the drill bit.3. ...


  • 5” & 6” DTH Hammers And Bits To Be Delivered Soon

    5” & 6” DTH Hammers And Bits To Be Delivered Soon

    As a professional manufacturer of DTH hammers and bits, WORLDRILL has won a good reputation for its good quality products to meet customers’ needs. These are 5” DHD350 DTH hammers and corresponding 165mm bits, 6” DTH hammers and ...

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  • Compacted Soil Sampler

    Compacted Soil Sampler

    Save time and energy in soil conditions where soil probes & slide hammers just won’t get the job done! The AMS Compacted Soil Sampler works great for obtaining “composite” soil samples in hard compacted and frozen soils. The 1-1/16” x 21” Flighted Auger with carbide bit may be connected to any ½” chuck drill. The entire unit assembles/disassembles in ...