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  • Process of high-density tungsten alloy

    Process of high-density tungsten alloy

    High-density tungsten alloy, also known as tungsten-based heavy alloy, is a type of alloy made of tungsten as the matrix element (85% ~ 99% mass fraction) with the addition of Ni, Cu, Fe and other alloy elements by liquid phase sintering. The density is up to 16.5 ~ 19.0g / cc. The most commonly used are tungsten nickel copper and ...


  • TECH NEWS: New mid-range underground drill launched

    TECH NEWS: New mid-range underground drill launched

    Mining equipment and services provider Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology has responded to its customers’ need for a cost-effective underground drill – one that does not compromise on safety, reliability or performance – but still ...

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  • Direct Push Drilling Technology

    Direct Push Drilling Technology

    Direct Push Drilling Technology allows for a wide variety of direct push tooling and instrumentation to be advanced into a subsurface lithology using the static weight of the rig, hydraulic down pressure, and rapid hydraulic hammering. Direct Push Tooling is used to perform soil, soil gas, and groundwater sampling. It is also used for soil remediation, and geotechnical sampling and testing. Many ...