Drill Cuttings equipment for Soil and Groundwater available in Slovakia

  • Clay Cutter - Model Pro - Dry Clay Inhibitor

    CLAY CUTTER PRO is a dry version of the CLAY CUTTER liquid additive. This concentrated, non-hazardous, proprietary clay inhibitor can be used with either polymer or bentonite drilling fluid systems. This dry additive is cost effective and dosages are easily monitored and controlled. CLAY CUTTER PRO is an ideal additive for HDD bores in reactive ...

    By CETCO based in Wallasey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Drilling Products - Polymers & Additives Product line

  • Hercul-EZ - Extreme Solids Suspension Fluid

    Hercul-EZ is a proprietary additive that is used in conjunction with bentonite based drilling muds. With proper formulation, the system will produce a unique drilling fluid with excellent shear thinning characteristics. At low shear or at rest, the fluid will gel and allow for suspension of large cuttings, yet thins immediately under pumping ...

    By CETCO based in Wallasey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Drilling Products - Polymers & Additives Product line

  • OBI AquaZyme - Cost Effective Absorbent Powder for Minor Oil & Fuel Spills on Water

    For use on oil and fuel spills in salt, fresh, or brackish water. AquaZyme® is a cost effective absorbent powder that contains naturally occurring oil eating microbes. Our special blends of microbes are selected for their large appetite and affinity to consume, digest, and convert fossil fuel hydrocarbons into beneficial byproducts. One such ...

    By Oppenheimer Biotechnology Inc based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • OBI BioZorb - Absorbent Product for Minor Oil and /or Fuel Spills on Hard Surfaces

    BioZorb contains a special blend of naturally occurring organic non toxic oil degrading microbes, that are blended into an absorbent powder. Our microbes have been selected for their large appetite to consume fuels and oils, both biochemically and physically.

    By Oppenheimer Biotechnology Inc based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Hoover Ferguson - Offshore Mud Skips & Cutting Boxes

    Hoover Ferguson offshore skips are used for transportation and safe handling of hydrocarbon contaminated drill cuttings to and from offshore platforms. These units provide a safe and efficient means of containment of drilling waste for transport to treatment and disposal sites.

    By Hoover Ferguson based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Cargo Carrying Units - Offshore Mud / Waste Skips Product line

  • Hoover Ferguson - Mud Skip / Cutting Boxes - Roll Back Lid

    Hoover Ferguson offers a 9,000 gallon offshore mud skip/cutting box to safely handle and transport hydrocarbon contaminated drill cuttings to and from offshore platforms. These units provide a safe and efficient means of containment of drilling waste for transport to treatment and disposal sites. This unit is DNV 2.7-1 approved and DOT 49CFR ...

    By Hoover Ferguson based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Cargo Carrying Units - Offshore Mud / Waste Skips Product line

  • JWC - Model 3-HYDRO & 4-HYDRO - Inline Grinder

    The powerful 3-HYDRO & 4-HYDRO Inline grinders are installed into industrial process pipelines to reduce the size of damaging solids in sludge, slurries and waste materials. They can provide complete protection for downstream equipment – including pumps, valves, centrifuges and heat exchangers. Two stacks of hardened steel cutters rotate ...

    By JWC Environmental - a Sulzer Brand based in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model IND6.0 - 6` Indirect Fired Thermal Soil Remediation Plant

    Tarmac's 6' x 40' Indirect fired rotary thermal soil remediation plant has been designed to move as container sized loads. This thermal remediation system has a vertical equipment design and has a very small foot print. Thermal Soil Remediation projects can encompass higher ranges of Parts Per Million hydrocarbons as found in waste pits and drill ...

  • Model GLO PHPA - Drilling Polymers

    It is a co-polymer of anionic character and high molecular weight. It is a water-soluble polymer, which is primarily used as a highly efficient fluid loss reducer, viscosifier and protective colloid for shale’s and cutting in fresh water, calcium, sodium brines and KCL mud systems. It is compatible with most of the drilling fluid products, ...

    By Global Drilling Fluids & Chemicals Limited based in Faridabad (Delhi NCR), INDIA. from Drilling Polymers Product line

  • Triton - Model Kraken 70 Series - Vacuum / Variable Speed Discharge

    The Triton Kraken Series vacuum loading pressure discharge system was designed for those applications when loading while under vacuum is necessary. This high-performance system excels under the most extreme conditions. These pumps feature closed loop hydraulic systems, solid state cycle control and twin shift cylinders loaded by the 2000 cfm ...

    By Triton Industries based in Lottie, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Frack-Loc

    Frack-Loc, a specially modified version of its EPA approved base product Moleculoc, has been developed for use in the hydro-fracturing or 'fracking' process. This process involves the use of water, sand and other chemical additives that are introduced to natural gas wells under extremely high pressure, for the purpose of loosening and widening the ...

    By Moleculoc, LLC based in Groveton, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • Air - Synthetic and Compressed Air Cylinder

    Delivering a wide range of synthetic and compressed air cylinder options to meet your varied needs. As a source of oxygen, air is essential for combustion, respiration, decay and various industrial processes – including oxidation. Some of these applications call for extremely high levels of purity. As regular ambient air contains a number of ...

    By Linde Gas AG based in Munich, GERMANY. from Atmospheric Gases Product line

  • N&N - Core Bits & Accessories

    Core bits are engineered with water ways that allow easy removal of cutting debris. The center hole of the Core bit removes sediment rock and allows the core pedestal to pass through the bit and into the core barrel. N&N Drilling Supply Diamond Core Bits are designed for superior cutting performance and longevity. We also offer a large ...

    By N&N Drilling Supply Mfr. based in Jessup, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Model PE-HWU-B - Chemical Tank and Equipment Construction

    High heat stability, UV-stabilised, DIBt-approved for tanks requiring mandatory test certificates (PE 80), blackAreas of use: Chemical Tank and Equipment Construction Mechanical Engineering.

    By SIMONA AG based in Kirn, GERMANY. from Chemical Tank and Equipment Construction Product line

  • NLB - Model Typhoon - Self Rotating Nozzles

    Typhoon nozzles go beyond traditional self-rotating designs to optimize pipe and tube cleaning efficiency. Their rotating action comes from the nozzle, not the barrel, so the water force is focused up front where it is most effective.

    By NLB Corp. based in Wixom, MICHIGAN (USA). from Accessories Product line

  • S.K Euromarket - Model BAK-2 Series - Sewage Treatment Plants

    BAK-2 sewage treatment plants are compact factory manufactured but site assembled units designed to treat the wastewater generated by villages or small towns.

  • Met-Treat - Metal Surface Treatment System

    Generally, metal surface treatment is applied in order to develop appearance of metal surfaces, increase adhesion strength and resist corrosion. The aim is to process the surface, to shape and to amend the functions. As GREEN Chemicals, we render service in Metal Surface Treatment, with our young, ambitious, dynamic team targeting sustainability ...

    By Green Chemicals based in Çayırova, TURKEY.

  • Model DR-24 Series - Dual Rotary Drills

    Foremost Dual Rotary drills feature two rotary drives, including a unique lower rotary drive that is used to advance steel casing through unconsolidated overburden such as sand, gravel, glacial till and boulders. The lower drive feeds and rotates the casing independently of the top drive. The casing is held securely in the lower drive by a set of ...

    By Foremost based in Lloydminster, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • RSL - Jetpump Suction Dredger

    The RSL Jetpump Suction Dredger has been specifically designed to be utilised within the Inspection and Light Work Remotely Operated Vehicle systems. The RSL Jetpump can be permanently mounted to a vehicle or can be skid mounted to be incorporated within the size constraints of the Adaptable Seaker System that is deployed within Sellafield FGMSP. ...

    By Rovtech Solutions Ltd. based in Barrow-in-Furness, UNITED KINGDOM. from Remotely Operated Vehicle Product line

  • Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter that we manufacture, export and supply is based on the advanced technology according to which the ultrasonic signals are sent across a pipe. Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter that we offer measures the particle size of >100 microns. Our Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter is ideal for trouble shooting, ...


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