drill cuttings cleaning (Drill Cuttings) equipment available in Slovakia

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    VacuDry - Vacuum Distillation Unit For Refinery And Drilling Waste

    Applications and design, Process: Indirect Heated Vacuum Thermal Desorption / Vacuum Distillation. Source: Tank cleaning sludge from crude oil tanks. Oil lagoons, oil pits, sedimentation ponds. Solid phase from centrifugation. Drill cuttings, oil based mud (OBM). Contaminated materials from pipeline leakage. Input Material: Sludges with varying ...

    By econ industries services GmbH based in Starnberg, GERMANY. from Indirectly Heated Thermal Desorption Product line

  • SAS - Model MIST 103 - Drill Cuttings Cleaning System

    The SAS MIST 103 System is capable of cleaning drill cuttings at a rate of 5 - 40 tons per hour and achieve 0.2% - 3% oil cuttings. A very robust system that is easily moved and has low upfront investment costs, high throughout and is very versatile. The MIST 103 system will treat a range of solid waste types and heavy oil sludge. When combined ...

    By SAS Environmental Services Ltd. based in Livingston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Drill Cuttings Cleaning Product line

  • Vertical Cuttings Dryer

    The GNCD930 Cuttings Dryer is a vertical type centrifuge has has been proven to be one of the most effective waste management equipment for oil- or synthetic- based drilling operations. The cuttings dryer can effectively clean the drilled cuttings, recover the maximal drilling fluids and reduce the volumes of drilling wastes that has to be ...

    By GN Decanter Centrifuge Ltd based in Hebei, CHINA.

  • Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner Unit (TCC)

    The TCC technology converts kinetic energy to thermal energy in a thermal desorption process that efficiently separates and recovers the components of drilling waste whilst preserving the original quality of the components prior to treatment. As a result the recovered base oil can for example be re-used in new Oil Based Mud (OBM) or as fuel ...

    By Thermtech AS based in Paradis, NORWAY.

  • Cleaning Straps

    Manufactured from anti-static materials, the strap prepares surfaces prior to cutting and drilling. Standard cleaning strap for up to 12” Pipe, with longer models available for larger diameters. Unique circular blades cut in every direction, allowing free movement of the strap. Circular cleaning teeth clean in all directions. User-friendly ...

    By Pipeline Technology Limited based in Fareham, UNITED KINGDOM. from General Pipe Tools Product line

  • IBG HydroTech - Model TriStar - All-Rounders - Cleaning Nozzle

    The Chisel Point Nozzle TriStar was designed to remove blockages and full pipe obstructions like roots and other deposits. An economical application is guaranteed using the combination of the forward-facing jets with the pointed drill and sharp cutting edges.

    By IBG HydroTech GmbH based in Büdingen, GERMANY. from All-Rounders - Cleaning Nozzle Technology Product line

  • Waste Management Centrifuge

    Drilling waste management and cuttings disposal have become a critical issue for any drilling operations because of stringent effluent limitations on the discharge of contaminated drill cuttings to the environment. The wastes discarded by the drilling mud circulation system must be disposed in safe way to the environment. GN Solids Control offers ...

    By GN Decanter Centrifuge Ltd based in Hebei, CHINA.

  • Shale Shaker

    Shale shaker is used to separate drilling cuttings for first phase cleaning in a whole solids control system Shale shaker are components of solids control equipment used in many industries, such as oil and gas drilling, coal bed methane( CBM ), horizontal directional drilling ( HDD ), diamond drilling, water drilling , etc.

    By Aipu Solids Control based in Xi`an, CHINA. from Solids Control Equipment Product line

  • SAS - Model MIST 103 - Mobile Oil Waste Treatment Systems

    A highly mobile, easy to use, robust and versatile system engineered to work uniquely with the amazing SASES chemical technology. This system will handle almost any oil based waste with a high solids content such as OBM drill cuttings, oil sand and even heavy oil sludge. On top of that with a small adjustment the system will also clean WBM ...

  • Chemco - Model Chemdrill MUD 500 - Organic and Synthetic Polymers

    Chemdrill MUD 500 is an organic and synthetic polymers formula. It is designed to form a high performance drilling mud that will aid in stabilizing brittle and fragile formations such as overburden, sand and gravel. Mixed with Chemdrill LUBE, it becomes an 'all-in-one' advantageous alternative to mixtures of drilling mud and bentonite. It ...

    By Chemco, Inc. based in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Drilling Products Product line

  • High G Drying Shaker Unit

    The high G drying shaker unit include a GNZS594HGE-LD drying shaker and a catch tank. It can handle the drilling cuttings discharged from the primary solids control equipment of the rig. The discharged cuttings from the High G drying shaker is relatively dry for further treatment or transport. The drilling catch tank below the shaker is conical ...

  • Intersewer - Arrow Nozzle Drill Point

    Precision engineered and manufactured of wear-resistant tempered steel, the Arrow Nozzles provide excellent performance in the most difficult cleaning application, by totally cutting and breaking through total obstructions in no time with its four very strong, concentrated forward jets and sharp cutting edges. Comes equipped with a Drill Point

    By Intersewer UG based in Gärtringen, GERMANY. from Nozzles Product line

  • RET - On-Site Soil Remediation System

    The RET Soil Remediation System removes hydrocarbons from the effected soil area, recovers those hydrocarbons for forward uses, and returns the cleaned soil back to the original site. The complete process can take place on-site. Systems can be of static or mobile construction and can easily be scaled up or down. Applications for this system range ...

    By Recovered Earth Technologies, LLC based in McCarran, NEVADA (USA). from Hydrocarbon Systems Product line

  • Drilling Technology

    Since the dawn of oil and gas drilling activity in the 19th century, drilling debris called 'mud cuttings' have been polluting our earth... but that doesn't have to be the case any longer! The Nopal Solution is a patent pending “clean technology” that recovers, remediates and reuses waste and hydrocarbons resulting from oil & ...

    By The Nopal Group based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Nilfisk - Model AERO 21 / AERO 21 INOX - Compact Single-phase Wet & Dry Vacs

    AERO 21/21 INOX is the smallest model in the AERO 21/26 series with compact design and easy to use features such as Push&Clean filter cleaning system and convenient accessory storage. The 20 liter machine has efficient suction performance and is found with optional INOX stainless steel container with robust trolley and lifting handle. Power ...

    By Nilfisk Advance based in Broendby, DENMARK. from Vacuum Cleaners - Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Product line

  • Draygon - Model SC2 - Industrial Vacuum Single Phase Dust Extractor

    Compact, Versatile & Powerful. The SC2 is a powerful 1-phase dust extractor especially designed to handle fine dust created on a construction site created from cutting concrete, sanding, grinding or drilling floors or walls as well as dust from many other industrial factory processes. The machine can be connected to floor grinders and handheld ...

    By Draygon based in Venice, FLORIDA (USA). from Vacuums - Single Phase Dust Extractors Product line

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