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  • Drilling Data & Production Statistics
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    Drilling Data & Production Statistics

    By LIM SAS

    Drilling data & production statistics "smart" indicator;  3D angles (2D angles compensated to a relative azimuth) for drill mast positionning and Depth/Drilling speed indication. Production statistics ...

  • Drill Rigs Data Recording System
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    Drill Rigs Data Recording System

    By Environmental Mechanics AB

    For exploration drill rigs you typically want to measure drill distance, drill speed, RPM, pressures on rotation unit and cylinder, where both feed pressure and hold back pressure is recorded to get feed force. The ...

  • Electronic Drilling Recorder (EDR)
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    Electronic Drilling Recorder (EDR)

    By DHI Services Inc. (DHI)

    DrillSense is an Electronic Drilling Recorder (EDR) and Drilling Data Management System installed as a standalone system or as the primary mud logging unit data system. DrillSense is based on the latest Distributed ...

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    Drilling Data Handbook

    The first edition of the Drilling Data Handbook was published in 1950. Over the more than six following decades the book has been constantly ...

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  • Environmental Mechanics AB

    Environmental Mechanics AB

    We produce fully digital systems for drill data recording and state of the art probes for soil behavior investigations. We are proud to present to ...