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  • Drill Rod & Accessories
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    Drill Rod & Accessories

    By N&N Drilling Supply Mfr.

    N&N Drilling Supply manufactures rods with various thread types to meet your drilling needs. Whether you need rod for standard depths, deep holes, HD thread for wide diameter or WJ for conventional drilling we have ...

  • Roller & Drag Bits
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    Roller & Drag Bits

    By N&N Drilling Supply Mfr.

    Drag Bits can be used to drill any type of hole; they are the perfect solutions for mud, sand, and sticky clay, as well as drilling out concrete or grout. Drag bits are also a more economical solution for seismic ...

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  • Methane Gas Hydrate

    Methane Gas Hydrate

    Gas hydrates are potentially one of the most important energy resources for the future. They represent one of the world’s largest untapped reservoirs ...

  • Drilling Data Handbook

    Drilling Data Handbook

    The first edition of the Drilling Data Handbook was published in 1950. Over the more than six following decades the book has been constantly improv

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  • Lifewater Drilling Technology

    Lifewater Drilling Technology

    Drilling a water well with the LDT 360 cable tool drill rig may be the most cost-effective rig available today for drilling shallow wells up to 450 ...

  • N&N Drilling Supply Mfr.

    N&N Drilling Supply Mfr.

    N&N Drilling Supply Mfr. is a drilling supply manufacturer founded by Angelo Nieto in 1967, since then N&N Drilling Supply has grown from a humble ...

  • Spectro Scientific

    Spectro Scientific

    Spectro Scientific, an ISO 9001:2008 company, specializes in analytical tools and software for machine condition monitoring. The company is one of ...