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Drilling Supplies equipment for Soil and Groundwater

  • Handy Drill Tabletop Single Spindle Paper Drill

    2-1/2” lift capacity in 4 different drill bit sizes (1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2'). Machine can be converted to a 2” maximum lift capacity for a wider range of available hole sizes (1/8” to 1/2'). Safe to operate - Spindle motor automatically turns on when the pull-down lever is moved and automatically switches off ...

    By Lynde-Ordway Company, Inc. based in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Magnetic Tool Holders

    Ideal for keeping tools or drill bits close at hand & organized! Mount to walls, workbenches or even ladders. Great gift idea! 3/16' Mounting holes & screws provided. Durable construction. Three sizes available. Holds a 10 Lb. sledge hammer!

    By Industrial Magnetics, Inc. based in Boyne City, MICHIGAN (USA). from Magnetic Tool Holders Product line

  • Geoproduct - Model PDC - Polycrystalline Diamond Compact

    Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits were first introduced into the oil industry inthe mid 70's. Since then, numerous technological design changes have been implemented that have made them an extremely effective tool when drilling in certain formations, most typically homogenous sedimentary rock formations including sandstone, shale, ...

    By Geoproduct Inc. based in Asenovgrad, BULGARIA.

  • Colli Drill - Model Dominator 100 - Down-The-Hole Hammers

    Product Category: down-the-hole hammers. Model: Dominator 100. Manufacturer: Halco. Nominal Diameter: 2″. Weight: 7 Kg. Connection Type: 40 MM RIGHT HAND DIN 405 6 TPI BOX. Net Lenght Without Drill Bit: 772mm (30 3/8'). Actual Diameter: 47mm (1 7/8').

    By Colli Drill s.r.l. based in Capena (Roma), ITALY. from Down-The-Hole Hammers Product line

  • Halco - 2` Drill Bits

    The Halco 2' raige of Drill bits come in various face designs. Tlw Halco 2' drill bit fits both the Dominator 100 and Math 20 shank, bur we can also na-iufacture drill bits to a clients own soeofications. Below s ar overvew of the halco dril: bi'. range.

    By Halco Rock Tools based in West Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from 2` Drill Bits Product line

  • Thompson - Model SE Series - Rotary Drill Bit

    The SE Series is an open-bearing, tricone, tungsten-carbide insert (TCI) rotary drill bit. The SE allows for drilling in hard, abrasive formations such as homogeneous limestone, basalts, granite and chert, as well as softer formations such as shales, clays and sand. The arrangement and design of our top-of-the-line tungsten carbide inserts help ...

    By Thompson International, Inc. based in Henderson, KENTUCKY (USA). from Rotary Drill Bit Product line

  • PDC Drill Bits

    Infinity has been manufacturing PDC Drill bits for over ten years, allowing us to develop bits suitable for a range of drilling applications. We custom make PDC Drill bits that are suited to drilling for Oil & Gas, Geo-Thermal & Waterwell, Construction, Horizontal Directional Drilling as well as Mining.

    By Infinity Tool Manufacturing based in Benton, ILLINOIS (USA). from PDC Drill Bits Product line

  • Dth Drill Hammer & Bits

    Our tapered button drill bit size from 32mm-42mm, tapered 4, 5, 6, 7, 11 and 12 degree, with 4, 5, 6 and 7 buttons.  Our thread button drill bit size from 33mm-178mm, include thread type H25, R25, R28, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51, ST58, ED58 etc. for kinds of button bit, reaming button bit, retract button bit, drop Centre retract button bit. The ...

    By Eisen Machinery SA based in Korsten, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Rockpecker - PDC Drill Bits

    We've designed and made PDC bits for numerous different applications, and still do. Here you can have a look at some of our recent work and decide on what type of product you are looking for.


  • Mills MILCLAW - Rotary Claw Bits

    The Mills Machine MILCLAW® Bit is an improved, perfected version of the KENCLAW® Bit. Protected by a U.S. Patent, as well as several International Patents, this claw bit features a triangular, multi-stage body design that provides better support for the cutters and enables it to cut through harder formations. MILCLAW® Bits are best ...

    By Mills Machine Company based in Shawnee, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Rotary Claw Bits Product line

  • Model PDC - Polycrystalline Diamond Compacts Cutters

    Polycrystalline Diamond Compacts PDC cutters are made by sintering micron sized diamond oil-pdcparticles onto a tungsten carbide substrate. Sintering is carried out at ultra-high pressure and at temperatures in the range of 1350 – 15000C. Sintered blanks are then ground and lapped to a range of standard sizes that are detailed below. All our ...

    By Glynn Technical Diamonds Ltd. based in Kilrush, IRELAND.

  • Vanguard - Directional Tricone Roller Cone Bits

    Decrease curve interval drilling time with newest directional roller cone bits. Vanguard Directional tricone roller cone bits are engineered specifically for your intense directional intervals with their demanding side and cyclical force loadings. These more reliable drill bits enable faster TD completion rates in the curves. 

    By Baker Hughes, a GE company based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Directional Tricone Roller Cone Bits Product line

  • Conventional Down The Hole Hammer Well Drilling Bit

    Holte offers unmatched experience designing and manufacturing conventional down hole hammers and bits. We have kept our same traditional conventional design for years, only to refine it into the efficient and durable design it has become today. Whether you need a bit to meet specific specifications for the ground conditions your faced with or you ...

    By Holte Manufacturing based in Veneta, OREGON (USA). from Conventional Down The Hole Hammer Well Drilling Bit Product line

  • Halco - 3` Drill Bits

    The Halco 3' Range of drill bi':s come in a range of sizes and face designs. Halco produce dri I bits to fit every mgjor branc of shank, but we can also manLracture drill bts to a cients own specifications. Below are an overview of the Hatco drill bit range.

    By Halco Rock Tools based in West Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from 3` Drill Bits Product line

  • Model 1-3 Inch - Drill Bits

    Convex Face: Strong design for all conditions especially hard abrasive rock. Good balance of fast drilling and long service life.

    By Halco Rock Tools based in West Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Drill Bits Product line

  • Diedrich Drill - Subs

    SUBS, SUBS, SUBS,.........those essential parts needed by every driller to connect from one size rod, casing, or bit to another size. We at Diedrich Drill understand the urgency involved when an entire job is stopped for lack of one sub. This is the very reason we stock about 4,000 various sized subs for all types of jobs and drilling ...

    By Diedrich Drill, Inc. based in LaPorte, INDIANA (USA).

  • Diamond - Model IRev - Impregnated Drill Bits

    In hard and abrasive environments, the Baker Hughes IRev™ infinite revolution impregnated bit improves run life while minimizing trips and the number of bits required. The IRev bit, with its new cutting structure technology, ultimately saves both time and money in challenging applications.

    By Baker Hughes, a GE company based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Impregnated Drill Bits Product line

  • BlockPack - Protection for Heavy Weights

    Improved protection for heavyweights. minimal force in opening and closing, but absolutely secure when closed, contoured tube ends together with stiffening ribs give a cushioning effect, with ratchet length adjustment, locking clamp holds outers and inners securely in place – integrated stoppers prevent uncontrolled opening, additional ...

    By Rose Plastic USA L.L.L.P. based in Coal Center, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Protection for Heavy Weights Product line

  • CobraCut - Structural Steel Drill Bits

    Drill and Cut 20% faster than other coolant-fed drills. CobraCut structural steel drill bits incorporate special cutting geometries specifically designed for structural steel drilling. Available in high speed steel and cobalt, 170 deg or 135 deg point with chipbreaker technology.

    By American Punch Company based in Euclid, OHIO (USA). from Structural Steel Drill Bits Product line

  • Teamwhole - Model DHD COP SD NUMA QL - DTH Hammer Application In Pile Foundation With Model NUMAQL DHD TK SD Shank

    1.Advantages of construction methodUse:DTH Hammer drilling is a good way to drill through cave formation and avoid stuck problemCave:When encountering caves,drill bit inclines to the cave.The stabilizer ensures the hole straightnessBit stuck´╝ŤOne reason is cave encounter,the drill bit deviates,and the entire set of drilling tools inclines in the ...

    By Changsha Tianhe Drilling Tools and Machinery Co.,L based in Ningxiang County, CHINA.

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