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Drilling Waste equipment for Soil and Groundwater

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    Kemtron - Model 1000HDX - Packaged Fluid Management System

    Elgin is the leading manufacturer of effective fluid recycling systems.  The new KEMTRON 1000HDX is designed for drilling contractors with Maxi-Class rigs in the trenchless, water-well, geothermal, foundation drilling, and microtunneling industry.

    By Elgin Separation Solutions based in Stafford, TEXAS (USA). from Packaged Fluid Management System Product line

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    Elgin - Model ESSDG-600/1200 - Vacuum Degasser

    The vacuum degasser, also known as a mud/gas separator is one of the first units of solids control equipment arranged to treat drilling mud. As such, they process all of the drilling mud from the flow line before the mud reaches the primary shale shakers. The units have no moving parts and rely on the density difference between the gas and the mud ...

    By Elgin Separation Solutions based in Stafford, TEXAS (USA). from Vacuum Degasser Product line

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    Kemtron - Model 100HD2 - Packaged Fluid Management System

    The KEMTRON 100HD2 mud recycling and mixing unit was designed to provide an economical alternative to traditional mud mixing and vacuum trucks. Environmental pressures, dumping costs and down time while waiting on fresh water or vacuum truck turnaround, have made the KEMTRON 100HD2 an invaluable asset.

    By Elgin Separation Solutions based in Stafford, TEXAS (USA). from Packaged Fluid Management System Product line

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    Hoover Ferguson - Offshore Mud Skips & Cutting Boxes

    Hoover Ferguson offshore skips are used for transportation and safe handling of hydrocarbon contaminated drill cuttings to and from offshore platforms. These units provide a safe and efficient means of containment of drilling waste for transport to treatment and disposal sites.

    By Hoover Ferguson based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Offshore Mud Skips & Cutting Boxes Product line

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    Kemtron - Model 200HD2 - Packaged Fluid Management System

    The KEMTRON 200HD2 mud recycling system is the perfect fit for today’s drilling contractor with 4k to 40k sized rigs in the trenchless, water-well, or geothermal industry.  Capable of processing 65 to 200 gpm (4.1 to 16.6 lps) of used drilling fluid, the KEMTRON 200HD2 is a high performing recycling system with a compact user-friendly ...

    By Elgin Separation Solutions based in Stafford, TEXAS (USA). from Packaged Fluid Management System Product line

  • Aqueous Cleaning of Drilling Cuttings

    Drill cuttings arise from drilling exploration wells, new production wells and workovers on producing wells. They contain agglomerates of rock fragments, oils, hydrocarbons, salts, drilling muds and other chemicals, some of which are hazardous and toxic. The chemistry of many modern oil-based drilling muds is formulated to remain stable under the ...

    By Global Advantech Resources Limited based in Westhill, UNITED KINGDOM. from Aqueous Cleaning of Drilling Cuttings Product line

  • InnoLas - Model ILS-XT - Split Axis Machine

    The ILS-XT is a laser processing workstation designed for high-precision applications in the electronic, precision engineering, and photovoltaic industries. It is mainly used for microvia drilling, cutting (routing), structuring and cavity formation in PCBs with typical dimensions as 610 x 460 mm and 635 x 540 mm.

    By InnoLas Systems GmbH based in Krailling, GERMANY.

  • Model DS - Desanding Hydrocyclones

    Enhydra’s DS range of desanding hydrocyclones are the latest development in desanding technology. The hydrocyclone is suitable for a range of applications including sand washing packages, wellhead desanding and produced water desanding. The DS range of desanding hydrocyclone has 5 standard sizes that can be used depending upon the ...

    By Enhydra Limited based in Wotton-under-Edge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Desanding Hydrocyclones Product line

  • RODIADRILL - Model 1800 - Dry Drilling Machine

    Efficient drilling with the help of the POWER PULSE technology, Optimum drilling results with the powerful extraction rotor, Electronic friction clutch with 20 Nm torque, Safe operation with the electronic soft start with overload indicator, Better operating position.

    By ROTHENBERGER Werkzeuge GmbH based in Kelkheim, GERMANY. from Dry Drilling Machine Product line

  • Guardian - Fiberglass Flights

    Guardian’s broad range of flight options results in the best available technology for the customer’s application needs. All flights are cut to length, drilled and notched to the customer’s needs or specifications. All flights match 6 or 8-inch standard attachment profiles, or custom attachments can also be provided for existing ...

    By Guardian Environmental Products, Inc. based in West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Model BW 625 - Medium-Hard Formation TCI Tricone Bits

    The BW 625 features robust chisel tungsten carbide inserts on the heel row and conical on the inner rows. This design provides a fast drilling rate and added cutting structure durability in medium to medium hard formations. The HSN rubber O-ring provides adequate sealing for bearing durability.

    By Bit Brokers International, Ltd. based in West Frankfort, ILLINOIS (USA). from Medium-Hard Formation TCI Tricone Bits Product line

  • Clear Cast Acrylic - Clear Plastic Sheet

    Clear Cast Acrylic is the original Plastic Glass and offers the best optical clarity which often makes it the acrylic of choice. Clear Cast Acrylic offers all the strength and longevity of an Acrylic Sheet that you could require. It is a lightweight product which is 10 times stronger than standard Annealed Glass and has an extensive outdoor life. ...

    By TW Plastics based in Bolton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Clear Cast Acrylic - Clear Plastic Sheet Product line

  • Giant Industries - Model BP100 - Bentonite Pumps

    A German-made reciprocating triplex plunger pump for bentonite applications.

    By Giant Industries Inc. based in Toledo, OHIO (USA). from Bentonite Pumps Product line

  • Lathe Machines

    A Lathe machine is a tool that rotates a work piece on its axis in order to perform various operations. Tools are applied to the work piece to create an object having a symmetrical axis of rotation in order to perform actions including cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling or deformation, facing and turning. Woodturning, metalworking, metal ...

    By Swedish International Circle Enterprise AB based in Huddinge, SWEDEN. from Lathe Machines Product line

  • Skip Station

    Screw conveyors are utilised to transfer solid waste or slurry from solids control equipment to drilling waste containers, barges or to a point of treatment such as a Slurrification Unit for drill cuttings reinjection.

    By Screw Conveyor Limited based in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • PolyLite - Lightweight Polypropylene Honeycomb Panels

    Very Lightweight & Rigid. 100% Recyclable. Moisture Resistant  . Typical sizes 1200mm x 2400mm - 1250 x upto 6000mm. Skins: Polypropylene Copolymer. Core: PP Honeycomb, CNC Routing and Drilling. Cutting to Size and kits.

    By The Coretex Group based in Cheltenham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Lightweight Polypropylene Honeycomb Panels Product line

  • Desanders, Desilters & Shakers

    Drillmax Inc. manufactures hydro-cyclones, elbows and other parts for desanders, desilters and mud cleaners for all major OEM'S, including: Demco, Brandt, Swaco, Sweco, Harrisburg/NOV , Derrick, Crestex & others. We also manufacture 3' LP mud guns for mud tanks. Contact us for any additional information.

    By Drillmax, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Thermtech Test Unit

    In 2015 Thermtech has completed the construction of a small-scale test unit, which is now available for test projects. The Thermtech Test Unit will enable our customers and prospects to explore the feasibility of new application areas under the same conditions as a full scale TCC unit. This includes testing the ability to recover valuable ...

    By Thermtech AS based in Paradis, NORWAY.

  • Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner Unit (TCC)

    The TCC technology converts kinetic energy to thermal energy in a thermal desorption process that efficiently separates and recovers the components of drilling waste whilst preserving the original quality of the components prior to treatment. As a result the recovered base oil can for example be re-used in new Oil Based Mud (OBM) or as fuel ...

    By Thermtech AS based in Paradis, NORWAY.

  • kosun - Model Shale Shaker - Shale Shaker

    The shale shaker is the first stage of solids control equipment in drilling purification system. It can remove cuttings above 75μm brought from the drilling well to leave the liquid with smaller particles into the tanks below, which will flow into next grade solids control equipment to be treated.Shale ShakerThe Economy of Linear MotionKOSUN ...

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