Earth Resistivity Monitoring

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  • Portable Water Level Meters
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    Portable Water Level Meters

    By Gabriel international Trade

    ET and ETL Portable Water Level Meters are designed to provide reliable and accurate measurements of groundwater levels. Water level readings are taken at the top of the casing with accuracy to within 1/100 of a foot ...

  • Resistivity Monitor/Controllers
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    Resistivity Monitor/Controllers

    By Myron L Company

    The unique circuitry of our 750 Series II Resistivity Monitor/controllers guarantees accurate and reliable measurements. Drift-free performance is assured by `field proven` electronics, including automatic DC offset ...

  • Fully Automatic DI/RO Bank Switching System
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    Fully Automatic DI/RO Bank Switching System

    By Myron L Company

    The AQUASWITCH I is a special purpose dedicated computer which automatically “changes out” an exhausted Dl or RO bank for a fresh stand-by bank. LEDs continually give the condition of both banks. An alarm ...

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