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Excavations and Foundations in Soft Soils

by Springer

The book reviews the experiences with, as well as recent developments and research results on excavations and foundations in and on soft soil deposits. Geotechnical design and execution of civil engineering structures on very soft soils are usually associated with substantial difficulties. The aim of the authors is to give the readers an overview ...;

Coastal Erosion

by Springer

The coastal zone is subject to strong pressures from a large number of users. Populations are migrating to it in large numbers. Industry wants to exploit it for its space, water and manpower. Aggregate miners want to exploit mineral resources and health centers are multiplying. It is a favorite area for tourism and recreation worldwide. The zone ...;

Water Resources Engineering in Karst

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

Karstified geologic formations (carbonates and evaporites) cover more than 15% of the Earth´s land surface ; in fact, 25% of the world´s population either lives on top of karst formations or obtains its water from them. These areas contain unusual landscape features such as caves, sinkholes, springs, aquifers, and disappearing streams that are ...;

Slope Stability and Erosion Control: Ecotechnological Solutions

by Springer

This book is designed to assist the civil and geotechnical engineer, geomorphologist, forester, landscape architect or ecologist in choosing ecotechnological solutions for slopes that are prone to a variety of mass movements e.g. shallow failure or erosion. Within this book, the ‘engineer’ is used in the global sense to encompass all planners, ...;

Rock for Erosion Control

by ASTM International

Examines the current technology used by scientists, geologists, engineers, and others to measure and evaluate the durability and performance of rock used for riprap, gabions, canal and channel linings, and other erosion control applications. State-of-the-art procedures used by construction and quarry personnel for specification conformance and ...;

Karst Environments

by Springer

With a focus on karren formation in high mountains, and specifically in the European Alps, this text summarizes the scientific results of systematic observations made during field trips, as well as the interpretation, using modern analytical methods, of the data collected. Márton Veress, who has been working in different types of karren landscapes ...;

Geotechnical and Environmental Applications of Karst Geology and Hydrology

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

This text covers topics such as sinkhole formation and regional studies of sinkholes and karst. Issues addressed are taken from the 8th multidiscilinary conference on this subject and chart the characteristics of sinkholes and karst as well as their environmental repercussions.;

Guidelines for cave and karst protection

by Earthprint Ltd

Cave and karst landforms are distributed widely around the world. They have many values and are an integral component of the world's biodiversity. Some are habitats for a wide range of endemic species of flora and fauna, while others house rare and endangered species. Still others are the sources of rare minerals and some are important for ...;

Glossary of Geology

by Springer

The Glossary has expanded coverage particularly in such active fields as carbonate sedimentology, environmental geology and geophysics, GIS, GPS, hydrology and hydraulics, marine and coastal geology, organic geochemistry, paleoecology, seismology, stratigraphic nomenclature, speleology and karst, and structural geology and tectonics. Many ...;

Investigation, Remediation and Protection of Land Resources

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

Firmly based in soil science, this book addresses the fundamental science and engineering of land degradation and rehabilitation. It begins with a discussion of natural ground profiles dealing with soil science and the underlying geology, the functions of natural ground and ground engineering properties. The author then introduces three basic ...;

Evaporites:Sediments, Resources and Hydrocarbons

by Springer

The monograph offers a comprehensive discussion of the role of evaporites in hydrocarbon generation and trapping. For the first time, diverse knowledge on exploitable salts has been assembled and organized, along with a summary of evaporate karst hazards as well as a summary of exploitative methods and pitfalls in dealing with evaporites in ...;

Sinkholes and Subsidence

by Springer

'Sinkholes and Subsidence' provides a twenty-first century account of how the various subsidence features in carbonate and evaporite rocks cause problems in development and construction in our living environment. The authors explain the processes by which different types of sinkholes develop and mature in karst terrains. They consider the ...;


by ASTM International

Volume 04.13 focuses on the mechanical, endurance, permeability, and filtration properties of geosynthetics. This includes standards for geosynthetic Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRM's), designed to provide erosion protection for the design life of a project. Applications such as roadway stabilization and repair, erosion control, and soil ...;

Methods in Karst Hydrogeology

by Taylor & Francis (USA)

Filling a gap in the karst literature, this book describes methods most appropriate for use in karst terrains. These include methods that are basic to all hydrogeological studies, such as hydraulic investigations, hydrochemistry, geophysics, isotope chemistry and modelling, with the emphasis placed on their application to karst systems. The ...;

The World"s Protected Areas : Status, Values and Prospects in the 21st Century

by Earthprint Ltd

Extensively illustrated with maps, color photographs, and graphics, this state-of-the-art reference book offers a comprehensive and authoritative status report on the world's 100,000 parks, nature reserves, and other land and marine areas currently designated as protected areas. Now covering over 12 percent of the Earth's land surface, ...;

Dispersive Clays, Related Piping, and Erosion in Geotechnical Projects

by ASTM International

The symposium on Dispersive Clays, Related Piping, and Erosion in Geotechnical Projects was presented at the Seventy-ninth Annual Meeting of the American Society for Testing and Materials held in Chicago, Ill., 27 June - 2 July 1976. Committee D18 on Soil and Rock for Engineering Purposes sponsored the symposium. J. L. Sherard, consulting ...;

Fire in Tropical Savannas

by Springer

The ten-year research program and the Kapalga fire experiment at CSIRO in Australia has provided a wealth of knowledge about savanna ecosystems and the critical but poorly understood role of fire. The frequent low intensity fires examined in this volume characterize fire in the tropics and are a dominant force in shaping the structure and function ...;

Corrosion of Metals; Wear and Erosion

by ASTM International

Tests, practices, and guides detail standard procedures, which measure atmospheric corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue, corrosion in natural waters and soil, and in-plant corrosion. New to this volume is a joint ASTM/NACE terminology standard. This volume also includes tests and practices on how to assess wear and erosion of ...;

Environmental Challenges in the Mediterranean 2000-2050

by Springer

The book stresses the six key structural factors that will affect future environmental policies in the Mediterranean region during the next fifty years: population growth, climate change, soil erosion and desertification, water scarcity, food production, and urbanization and pollution. The contributors point out the potential of all these problems ...;

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