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Water Erosion

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

Water erosion comes in several different forms with various causes. No matter the differences, each form can be impacted by humans both negatively and positively. While the causes of erosion by water are generally natural, human impact will always play a role. It's becomes our job to assure it is a positive one. If you are interested in increasing ...

US Erosion - Coconut Coir Logs

by L & M Supply Company     based in Willacoochee, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Our Coir Logs are assembled in America. This greatly reduces the cost and makes US Erosion Coir Logs one the most affordable in the USA! Coconut Coir Logs are made of 100% Coconut Fibers pressed into a tubular Coir Mesh Netting. The outer Coir Mesh Netting is hand knotted for superior performance. The dimensions are 1.77” x 2.17” in ...

ULTRATECH - Storm Wattles

by Interstate Products Inc     based in Sarasota, FLORIDA (USA)

UltraTech Storm Wattles minimize erosion and sediment runoff. Some times referred to as fiber rolls or fiber logs, StormWattles can be used instead of silt fence to reduce erosion control at construction sites. The units stop sediment and other debris from entering retention ponds, lakes and other bodies of water. They are made with wheat straw, ...

ULTRATECH - Pipe Socks

by Interstate Products Inc     based in Sarasota, FLORIDA (USA)

UltraTech Pipe Socks control the flow of sediment and oil out of head walls and other types of pipes. They are useful in pond applications where vertical pipes extend abo ve the water surface and preventing sediment in-flow during high water events is required. There are several standard sizes, but custom sizes are also available upon request. ...

Slopetame2 - Erosion and Soil Stabilization System

by Invisible Structures, Inc.     based in Golden, COLORADO (USA)

Slopetame2 is much more than an erosion control blanket or mat. Slopetame2 is a permanent three-dimensional reinforcement and stabilization matrix for steep vegetated slopes and channel banks. The integral rings, bars, grid, and fabric act to contain upper root zone soils, allow vegetation roots to easily pass through, and mi


by Flame Spray SpA     based in Roncello, ITALY

Solids contained in water cause wear on critical components, such as needle valves and runners for Pelton turbines, and blades and runners for Francis turbines. The most appropriate solution, widely proven on several hundreds of components by Flame Spray, consists in tungsten carbide -cobalt chrome coating via HVOF.

Presto GEOWEB - Erosion Controlling Solution and Scour on Embankments

by Presto Geosystems     based in Appleton, WISCONSIN (USA)

Stabilize soils on steep embankments and prevent severe erosion problems. Prevent the formation of rills and gullies and scour caused by stormwater runoff and concentrated flows. Protect geomembranes and minimize sliding of cover materials on landfills and containment basins.

Drainage Swales

by A.S.P. Enterprises     based in Fenton, MISSOURI (USA)

Vegetated Swales here are classified as swales not containing constant water flow. Vegetation can be established on the entire cross section of a swale.

Biomat - Model M - Mulching Blanket

by Full Service Srl     based in Saletto, ITALY

Mulching Blanket is perfect to protect plants and their healthy growth. Thanks to their special structure, Mulching Blankets absorb water and are completely biodegradable. Weeds cannot grow through the blanket and plants are insulated against vermin and diseases. Plus, soil is protected against dehydration and erosion. Soil needs fewer upkeep ...

Coir/Geotextiles - Geosynthetics and Liners

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

Granite Environmental offers a wide variety of Geotextile, geomembrane, geosynthetics and pond liners. These are permeable and impermeable engineered fabrics, which, when used in association with soil and rock, have the ability to separate, filter water, reinforce the ground and stop erosion.

Bionet - Open Knit Jute Blanket

by Full Service Srl     based in Saletto, ITALY

Open knit Jute Blanket is not chemically treated. These soft strings have a large thread that guarantees high elasticity – this is very important for water absorption which is essential to control erosion. Another important factor to control erosion is the optimum size of the knit. When unrolled on a soil surface, it suits all soil types. ...

Causes of Soil Erosion

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

The causes of soil erosion can be broken down into two main categories: Erosion by Water and Erosion by Wind. Although soil erosion is a natural occurrence on all land, there are certain factors that call accelerate the erosion making it more noticeable and problematic. With the help of products like coir mats, woven geotextiles, and non-woven ...

Wood Fiber Blankets

by Construction Fabrics & Materials     based in Cottage Grove, WISCONSIN (USA)

urlex blankets have a built-in swell factor - wet curled excelsior fibers slightly expand in thickness and interlock to form a strong, fiber matrix. This allows the fibers to provide intimate contact with local terrain. Water flow is trained to follow the curled fiber matrix. The roughness of the curled excelsior matrix slows the velocity to a ...

Model 2.02 - Turbidity Barrier

by MARBOOM Corporation     based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA)

This Barrier is ideal where erosion is a problem for a clean surrounding environment. Important is that the depth of the skirt allows the chain to rest on the sea bed. This barrier can also be used in slow streams as it is equipped with openings, approximately 12' (30 cm) under the water surface. This Barrier is available in lengths up to 200' (60 ...

Soil Erosion Control

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

Soil erosion control can be a daunting task when there are so many causes. Understanding the erosion process as well as the possible solutions or preventative measures allows you to confidently take control of the problem. Erosion is the process of weathering and transport of solids (soil) from their original source to somewhere else. This process ...

Beach Erosion

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

Beach Erosion has become a household name around the world as it continues as a growing problem. Whether the shore is sheltered or exposed currents, waves, and sea level change play a major role in the causes of this erosion type. One solution is 'beach restoration (beach nourishment)'. However, this is not only a temporary solution, but it is ...

Erosion Control Products

by Clean It Up     based in Surprise, ARIZONA (USA)

Baseline Best Management Practices - include good housekeeping, preventative maintenance, visual inspections, spill prevention and response, sediment and erosion control and runoff management. SPCC compliance can be simply addressed using Clean It Up's ever increasing inventory of best products for compliance and control. Dewatering Bags, Gully ...

Erosion Control Blankets

by CoirGreen     based in Homagama, SRI LANKA

Coir blankets are well known for superior performance compared to other organic blankets. Coir is naturally resistant to rot, mold and moisture. It needs no chemical treatment. Hard and strong, it can be spun and woven into matting. It also provides adequate strength and durability to protect slopes from erosion, while at the same time allowing ...

Geo Textiles

by CoirGreen     based in Homagama, SRI LANKA

Geotextiles or Coir netting (Coir matting) CGgeo have been known to reduce soil erosion and is used for bioengineering and slope stabilization applications globally due to the mechanical strength necessary to hold soil together. It is been proven that CGgeo (Geotextiles) last for approximately 3 - 5 years depending on the weight, and by the time ...

Coir Pallet Coir Pillows

by CoirGreen     based in Homagama, SRI LANKA

The use of coir pallet (Coir pillows) is an excellent technique for establishing marginal vegetation around lakes edges and on all watercourse banks. The Coir pallets are a cost-effective, organic protection that is a suitable alternative to hard revetments in many applications globally. Coir Pallets provide a suitable method of introducing ...

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