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  • Introduction of Electrical Grounding Methods

    Introduction of Electrical Grounding Methods

    There are four common electrical grounding methods: 1.Working Grounding Working grounding, also known as system grounding, is grounding a certain point of the network according to the needs of the normal operation of the power system. For example, the neutral point of three-phase system is grounded to stabilize the potential of the grid to the ground, thus reducing the insulation to the ground. ...

  • Green Roofs - Case Study

    Green Roofs - Case Study

    The green roofs of the buildings are completely covered with vegetation. In event of a leakage in its sealing system, its technically very difficult or in some cases even impossible to locate and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Multichannel Digital Resistivimeter

    Multichannel Digital Resistivimeter

    A new approach to geoelectrical surveying. Electra is the MoHo’s digital system for geoelectrical surveys. A number of unique features make it a very special georesistivimeter. Acquisition times are considerably reduced due to the simultaneous acquisition on all channels and the use of alternate current. Weight, size and consumption are orders of magnitude lower than traditional systems. ...