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Geographical Information software for Soil and Groundwater

  • Premium

    Lidars Network Observation and Analysis Platform

    LIDAR ONLINE platform, by adopting the latest hot WEBGIS RIA technology and parallel connecting aerosol monitoring lidars, targets at a comprehensive data collection and analysis, and ultimately providing data basis and technical support for environmental and meteorological early warning and forecasts.

    By Everise Technology Ltd based in Beijing, CHINA. from Lidars Network Observation and Analysis Platform Software line

  • Geographical Information Systems and Data Management

    We have extensive experience in the application of GIS (ArcView, MapInfo and others) and databases for strategic environmental analysis. We offer a range of services including on-site training and technical support.

    By STM Environmental Ltd based in Copenhagen, DENMARK.

  • Visualization / GIS Software

    Model outputs (just numbers) are often transformed according to the wish of our clients. To that end, we develop scripting tools for format-exchanging and visualization interfaces that meet the client needs. These interfaces are often based upon GIS software packages like QGIS or 3D visualizations in Paraview or TecPlot. To that end, our ...

    By TK Consult AG based in Zurich, SWITZERLAND.

  • Programming languages

    Sometimes specific models demand new calculation options that have to be implemented in existing packages. Or input-data needs sometimes to be reformatted; and we always make sure our workflow keeps automatically reproducible. To that end, we master different programming scientific languages like Fortran, C++, C#, etc. The use of scientific, ...

    By TK Consult AG based in Zurich, SWITZERLAND.

  • Controller Configuration Data Software

    Each controller stores a variety of configuration data (for example, its geographic location and what type of hardware is attached to it). This configuration data is checked for integrity each time the controller starts up to make sure that the controller does not run with corrupted data. It is also automatically synced with the Valhalla server at ...

    By Lauritzen Inc. based in Mountain View, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Business Intelligence System - Business Intelligence System

    Gives Managers the Correct Analysis in Shortest Time Whole analysis reflecting real time and general perspective are presentedto all worker levels from top manager to the service employee.A system with easy use collecting all necessary information according to workersduties and needs.It serves correct analysis and personalize for relevant person. ...

    By Yasam Technical based in TURKEY.

  • CONVERT - Data Conversion Freeware Software

    CONVERT data converter freeware converts databases and files between the file formats dBase, CSV and SDF and the character sets ANSI, ASCII, UTF8 and Unicode and allows in the same time to sort the data and to do selections.

    By Killet Software Ing.-GbR (KilletSoft) based in Kempen, GERMANY. from Data Conversion Freeware Software Software line

  • GeoData

    GeoData is categorized into: GeoScene & Map and GeoUrban; Our product under this category ranges from digital maps to satellite imagery of major towns in Nigeria. Most of our digital road maps are listed here. Call (234) 08034542221 or click 'Quote Request' button by your product below for discount and volume pricing. Digital Road Network Map, ...

    By Geographic Integrated Services Ltd based in Ikeja, NIGERIA.

  • SEMS - Integrated Add-Ons Software

    ESRI AcrView GIS Integration: Allows you to continue using your current mapping program but database the information relating to maintenance and work orders in the SEMS program. This keeps all of your data uniform and in a central location while maintaining access to your graphic maps. SEMS is able to incorporate all work order scheduling, ...

    By SEMS Technologies, LLC based in Suwanee, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • GIS Integrations Software

    GeoEnviron’s GIS solutions provide practical mapping capabilities alongside the powerful data management facilities available within the GeoEnviron RDBMS. They come in two forms - an embedded GIS known as GeoMap, or a link to an external GIS (MapInfo Professional or ArcView).

    By Geokon A/S based in Roedovre, DENMARK.

  • Discover - Version 2D & 3D - GIS for Geoscientists

    Discover builds on the MapInfo Pro Advanced platform to include all the GIS, mapping, and raster gridding features within the platform. Discover adds the ability to work with geologic and assay data within drill holes and display the data in 2D maps and cross-sections, and 3D solid models and fence diagrams. Add geologic modeling to the MapInfo ...

    By RockWare, Inc. based in Golden, COLORADO (USA).

  • GEODAVE - Version Edit - Geodata Server

    GEODAVE Edit enables the users to edit the geometries and attributes of versioned SDE data. This unit consists of the modules. The proper access to the SDE data is managed by the unit GEODAVE Secure. One big advantage when applying GEODAVE Edit is that the GIS functions are processed server-sidely. Desktop GIS are no prerequisite at the individual ...

    By GISCON Geoinformatik GmbH based in Dortmund, GERMANY. from Geodata Server Software line

  • OratonMaps - Manipulating Geographic Information Software

    OratonMapsTM has been researched, developed and tested solely by Oraton Ltd. It provides a unique way of accessing and geographic information through the Internet or the Intranet using a number of different streaming methods for the front end user and a unique way of accessing and manipulating geographic information for the back end ...

  • Georeferenced Data Tables (AKA Spider Diagrams)

    Features: Fully flexible georeferenced data tables - list, cross-tab, transposed, depth table. You can also use EnviroInsite to highlight the location of exceedances of regulatory standards by formatting of font and cell background. Highly flexible formatting options to design your own custom data table design. This includes selection of margin ...

    By EI LLC based in Brookline, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • RAMAS - Landscape Software

    RAMAS® Landscape integrates the landscape model LANDIS with our RAMAS®/GIS habitat-based metapopulation model. With the integration of a landscape and a metapopulation model, predictions about the viability, recovery, and growth of a species can be based on the predicted changes in the landscapes in which they live.

    By Ramas (Applied Biomathematics) based in Setauket, NEW YORK (USA).

  • FieldWorker - Enterprise Software

    Manage collected information through the web. All data within the FieldWorker Enterprise environment is accessible through Portal. A comprehensive tool to dispatch, review and report on your data. Define rules to ensure the right data gets to the right person at the right time. Sophisticated scheduling, user assignment, status monitoring, GPS ...

    By FieldWorker Products Limited based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • PCI Geomatics - Version HAP - Historical Airphoto Processing System

    Historical aerial photography archives contain valuable information that remains untapped. Digitally scanned and properly geo-referenced historical aerial imagery can bring this information to life, making it possible to analyze/visualize the historical information in modern GIS systems. These historical images can reveal hidden patterns, provide ...

    By PCI Geomatics based in Richmond Hill, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Historical Airphoto Processing System Software line

  • Scisys - Network Intelligence Portal

    The Network Intelligence Portal is a secure cloud-based information service that brings together asset condition and other survey data from across the network in real-time. It gathers data directly from CCTV, ultrasonic and acoustic survey equipment. Using award winning mapping tools, it delivers network insight to the right user at ...

    By Scisys Plc based in Corsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Network Intelligence Portal Software line

  • Version AQWEB Series - Web Communication and Monitoring Software

    AQWEB WEB operation and monitoring software is designed fully compatible with comprehensive range of AQUAS products, consisting with remote configuration, monitoring, control, Google Earth fusion display, data query, statistical analysis, transient pressure analysis, time series trend and tabular report functions. AQWEB provide user-friendly WEB ...

    By Aquas INC. based in Taipei, TAIWAN.

  • TransModeler - Traffic Simulation Software

    TransModeler is a powerful and versatile traffic simulation package applicable to a wide array of traffic planning and modeling tasks. TransModeler can simulate all kinds of road networks, from freeways to downtown areas, and can analyze wide area multimodal networks in great detail and with high fidelity. You can model and visualize the behavior ...

    By Caliper Corporation based in Newton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

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