Geogrids equipment for Soil and Groundwater available in Serbia

  • NAUE m3 - Model BLOCK - For Reinforced Slope and Retainig Wall System

    When embankments are planned with angles exceeding 70°, a vegetated face is usually not possible or requires significant and potentially cost-prohibitive work. These situations require harder exteriors, which elevates the importance of surface aesthetics to the reinforced structure. NAUE BLOCK is a Secugrid® geogrid system for reinforcing ...

    By NAUE GmbH & Co.KG based in Espelkamp-Fiestel, GERMANY. from NAUE m3 Systems Product line

  • NAUE m3 - Model STEEL P - For Reinforced Slope and Retainig Wall System

    The NAUE STEEL P system combines Secugrid® geogrid reinforcement with longterm (permanent) steel-skin facings to create reinforced earth structures amenable to numerous slope shapes. Vegetation is allowed on slopes up to 70°. For steeper slopes on which vegetation is desired, special plantings and irrigation are necessary. For NAUE STEEL ...

    By NAUE GmbH & Co.KG based in Espelkamp-Fiestel, GERMANY. from NAUE m3 Systems Product line

  • NAUE m3 - Model NAIL - For Reinforced Slope and Retainig Wall System

    The NAUE NAIL system combines the strength and durability of Secugrid® geogrids with soil nails to create a steep slope reinforcement system at slope inclinations up to 60°. Secugrid®, with its uniform, flat bar construction and outstanding junction strength, provides the primary reinforcement in the slope direction. The dimensioned ...

    By NAUE GmbH & Co.KG based in Espelkamp-Fiestel, GERMANY. from NAUE m3 Systems Product line

  • GridPro - Model UXP14S - Biaxial Geogrids for Base and Subgrade Reinforcement

    GRIDPRO™ UXP14S is a punched and drawn geogrid containing high density polyethylene that is integrally formed into a uniaxial geogrid. GRIDPRO UXP14S will meet the following Minimum Average Roll Values (MARV) when tested in accordance with the methods listed below. These characteristics make GRIDPRO UXP14S ideal for the construction of ...

    By Propex Operating Company, LLC based in Chattanooga, TENNESSEE (USA). from Stabilization Product line

  • JUTA Jutagrid - Woven Geogrid

    Woven geogrid, made of high-tenacity PET yarns with PVC coating, with the main end use being soil reinforcement.

    By JUTA a.s. based in Dvůr Králové nad Labem, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Geosynthetics Product line

  • Unixial Geogrid

    The Uniaxial geogrid, possess high tensile strength and are completely inert to chemical and biological soil conditions. The uniformly long openings provides an optimized distribution interlocking with surrounding soil.

    By Bio Global Group Inc based in Moore Haven, FLORIDA (USA). from Soil Bioengineering Products - Geosynthetics Product line

  • Titan - Model TE-BXC - Base Reinforcement Geogrid

    Titan’s TE-BXC is a composite geogrid designed for base reinforcement applications. It consists of our TE-PP bi-axial geogrid heat bonded to a non-woven needle punched geotextile. TE-BXC composite characteristics and high-modulus reinforcement properties provide combined soil stabilization/reinforcement with enhanced soil separation and ...

    By Titan Environmental Containment Ltd. based in Ile des Chenes, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Geogrid Product line

  • Geoplas - Geogrid

    The main task of geogrid: To increase the carrying capacity of the ground by taking the tensile loads in it . Areas of use for geogrid (materials; Base Strengthening, In the rsustaining wall applications. It is used against the tensile loads which are caused by slippage in high filler production. Geogrids that can be produced from raw materials ...

    By Geoplas based in Ankara, TURKEY.

  • Multi-Compacted Yarn

    Information and application:Using international advanced technology partnership, joint stock range is 6000D-15000D. Mainly used geogrid, heavy lifting belt, all kinds of cables, oil pipes, all kinds of ribbon and other special purposes.

    By Zhejiang Hailide New Material Co., Ltd based in Haining, CHINA. from Industrial PFY Product line

  • Titan - Model MXR - Mining Geogrid

    Taking innovation to the next level, Titan offers an advanced line of high-strength polymer geogrid tailored to the mining industry. Designed as non-steel solutions specifically for soft and hard rock mining applications, our MXR Mining Geogrid are proven to outperform conventional steel and metal mesh solutions for a variety of mining industry ...

    By Titan Environmental Containment Ltd. based in Ile des Chenes, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Geogrid Product line

  • Tenax - Model T-Block - Retaining Wall System

    The reinforced soil technique is a construction method that is thousands of years old and has in the past used different types of soil reinforcing materials. Today’s geosynthetics, in particular the use of geogrids and the structures designed to use them, are the subject of well researched mathematical solutions. Several types of ...

    By TENAX Group / TENAX Spa / TENAX Corporation based in Viganò, ITALY. from Soil Reinforcement Product line

  • Tenax - Model GT - Geocomposite

    TENAX GT is a polypropylene (PP) geocomposite designed specifically for the stabilisation of soils where both a reinforcing action as well as the separation between a granular base and very fine soil is required. Laminating a nonwoven geotextile to a TENAX LBO geogrid produces the TENAX GT geocomposite. TENAX GT has both a high tensile strength ...

    By TENAX Group / TENAX Spa / TENAX Corporation based in Viganò, ITALY. from Soil Stabilisation Product line

  • Tenax - Model Georaft - Foundation System

    The TENAX GEORAFT system is designed to allow the building of structures with rigid foundations on very soft and yielding soils. This is accomplished by using bi-oriented TENAX LBO geogrid (1) placed at the base, and a mono-oriented TENAX TT geogrid (2) capable of giving high tensile strength, which are laid vertically and joined to each other by ...

    By TENAX Group / TENAX Spa / TENAX Corporation based in Viganò, ITALY. from Soil Stabilisation Product line

  • Geosky - Steel Plastic Geogrid

    The Steel-plastic Geogrid is a grid mesh, which is made by high strength steel. The steel turns to steel plastic string after covering with Polyethylene resin, and then thermal melting welded by ultrasonic welding machine according to the technological requirements. The convex node steel plastic geogrid is the upgraded production of normal ...

    By Shandong Geosky Technology Co., Ltd based in Daiyue District, Taian, CHINA. from Steel Plastic Geogrid Product line

  • Geosynthetics Such As Geocells, Geotextiles, Silt Fences, Geogrids And Erosion Control Blankets

    Armtec carries a full line of woven and non-woven geosynthetics manufactured from polyester or polypropylene. High-strength geosynthetics are commonly used in reinforced soil structures such as retaining walls, over-steepened slopes and embankments constructed on weak soils. Low upfront cost and highly predictable performance makes them a ...

    By Armtec based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Soil Retention Product line

  • DUALTEX - Model PET - High Strength Geocomposite

    DUALTEX PET  is a high strength geocomposite of polyester geogrid in combination with ultrafine nonwoven polypropylene substrate impregnated with bitumen dispersion for maximum adhesion of asphalt concrete layers. Geocomposites resist to tensile loads and increase the distribution ability of asphalt pavement. As a result, it helps ...

    By Machina-TST based in Mogilev, BELARUS. from Geocomposites Product line

  • TenCate Polyfelt - Polymat Erosion Control Mats (ECM)

    TenCate Polyfelt Polymat erosion control mats (ECM) are monofilament Geomats made from polypropylene, with or without Geogrid reinforcement. The structure with its extremely high voids content reinforces the upper 1 to 2 cm of the soil, thereby preventing surface erosion on slopes and offering permanent support to topsoil and vegetation.

    By TenCate Geosynthetics Netherlands bv based in AE in Nijverdal, NETHERLANDS. from Erosion Control Product line

  • Edilgrid - PVC High Modulus Polyester Geogrid

    High modulus polyester geogrid, PVC coated, characterized by high tensile strength and low elongation. EDILGRID is resistant to all chemicals agents and microorganisms in the soil. In addition, the geogrid is coated with PVC to ensure further protection against UV rays and the mechanical stress and damage during installation. Among the ...

    By Geosintex Srl based in Sandrigo (VI), ITALY. from Geogrids Product line

  • Asphaltgrid - High Modulus Polyester Geogrid

    ASPHALTGRID: high modulus polyester geogrid, bitumen polymer-coated, specific for asphalt overlay . ASPHALTGRID COMP: geocomposite consisting of a high modulus polyester geogrid, in bitumen-coated polymer, combined with a nonwoven geotextile, specifically designed for asphalt overlay . ASPHAGLASS: Fiberglass Geogrid-specific specific for asphalt ...

    By Geosintex Srl based in Sandrigo (VI), ITALY. from Geogrids for Roads Pavement Product line

  • Autogrid - High Strain Bi-Oriented Geogrid

    The high-strain bi-oriented geogrid from extruded, UV-stabilized polypropylene with rigid junctions and stiff ribs with tensile strengths up to 40 kN/m.

    By Geofelt GmbH based in Linz, AUSTRIA. from Geogrids & Geogrid Composites- Geogrids Product line

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