geogrid (Geogrids) equipment available in Serbia

  • Premium

    TRITON - Marine Mattress System

    The TRITON MARINE MATTRESS System is used in conjunction with REACTIVE CORE MAT, a mat designed to sequester and treat contaminants within the sediment. The mattress is constructed of an advanced geogrid designed to be integrated with available fill and is used to simplify construction and provide protection in highly erosive conditions.

    By CETCO based in Wallasey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Environmental Products - Sediment Capping Technologies Product line

  • Convex Node Steel-plastic Geogrid

    Convex node steel-plastic geogrid is upgraded by normal steel-plastic geogrid. It changes the disadvantages of normal geogrids including: low peeling strength of nodes of 30N, welded nodes cracking easily, difficult construction and low resistance to side deformation. Because of the different materials proportion and construction technology, the ...

    By Shandong Luyuan Engineering Materials Co. Limited based in Chengdu City, CHINA. from Geogrid Product line

  • Biaxial Geogrid

    Biaxial geogrids are square or rectangular polymer meshes being stretched. They’re divided into two two categories including uniaxial geogrid and biaxial geogrid according to different stretching directions. The products are punched on the polymer sheets ( the raw materials are PP or HDPE ) being extruded, and then stretched directionally ...

    By Shandong Luyuan Engineering Materials Co. Limited based in Chengdu City, CHINA. from Geogrid Product line

  • ACEGrid - Model PET - Geogrid

    In applications of soil reinforcement and the use of geogrids in engineering structures such as slope stabilisation and segmental block retaining wall construction the geogrid to be used will be subject to constant load over long periods of time. The load will be exerted in one direction only i.e. at a normal direction to the structure face ...

    By Global Synthetics Pty Ltd based in Smithfield, AUSTRALIA. from Geogrids - Uniaxial Product line

  • ACEGrid - Polyester Yarns

    ACE Geogrid known as ACEGrid( Geogrid ) is woven by high strength polyester (PET) yarns with various mesh sizes and specifications. Woven ACEGrid( Geogrid ) is created through interlacing, usually at right angles, two or more yarns or filaments. Exterior of ACEGrid( Geogrid ) is coated with PVC or nontoxic substance material for UV, acid, and ...

    By ACE Geosynthetics based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Geogrid Products Product line

  • Fortex - Uni-Axial Geogrid

    ForTex Uni-Axial Geogrids, are high strength geogrids, specifically developed for uniaxial requirements in various civil engineering applications. These geogrids are manufactured with the method of weaving polyester micro yarns in rectangular shape and coating with PVC. They provide high performance through a sewing method specially designed to be ...

    By Istanbul Teknik based in Istanbul, TURKEY. from Geosynthetics Product line

  • Yingfan - Model TGSG - PP Biaxial Geogrid

    A geogrid is geosynthetic material used to reinforce soils and similar materials. The principal function of geogrids is for reinforcement. For 30 years biaxial geogrids have been utilized in pavement construction and soil stabilization projects throughout the worldwide. Geogrids are commonly used to reinforce retaining walls, as well as subbases ...

    By Shanghai Yingfan Engineering Material Co., Ltd based in Qingpu, CHINA. from Geogrid Product line

  • LIANYIJIUZHOU - Model TGSG - Bitumen Coated Fiberglass Geogrid for Asphalt Reinforcement

    LIANYI fiberglass geogrids are specifically warp knitted fiberglass Geogrids ideal for asphalt reinforcement. These fiberglass geogrids are coated with a bituminous material which ensures proper adhesion to the asphalt layers over the tack-coated surface. Bituminous coating further optimizes the chemical compatibility between the fiberglass ...

    By Feicheng Lianyi Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. based in Feicheng City, CHINA.

  • Model TriAx - Geogrids

    TriAx geogrid - Tensar invented and pioneered the original biaxial form of geogrid – until now the geogrid with the best performance in trafficked applications. Through the Tensar policy of continual product development and innovation, the challenge for the Tensar development team was to improve on the biaxial geogrid and achieve even ...

    By S.C. Iridex Group Plastic S.R.L based in Voluntari, ROMANIA. from Geosynthetic Materials Product line

  • Titan - Asphalt Reinforcement Fiberglass Geogrids

    Titan’s fiberglass geogrid systems are designed specifically as an interlayer for asphalt reinforcement.  Our fiberglass geogrid systems work to enhance pavement life and performance while helping to reduce maintenance costs.  These include our NEW GENERATION TE-FGP fiberglass geogrid, our NEW GENERATION TE-FGC fiberglass composite ...

    By Titan Environmental Containment Ltd. based in Ile des Chenes, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Geogrid Product line

  • Earthmate BASEGRID - Model PP - Bi-axial Geogrids

    Earthmate BASEGRID PP Bi-axial Geogrids are square meshes of polypropylene (PP) and widely used as subsoil reinforcement Their prominent characteristic is excellent mechanical properties under intermittent high loading. As granular materials are compacted into the apertures of the Geogrids an interlocking effect is achieved. The stiffness of ...

    By Nanjing Earthmate New Materials Co., Ltd based in Nanjing, CHINA. from Basegrid Product line

  • Basetrac - Geogrids

    High-strength geogrid for road base and sub-base reinforcement. Our Basetrac Grid geogrids are being manufactured from two raw materials: polypropylene or polyester. They are polymer coated for high UV-stability and low installation damage. These geogrids offer standard biaxial tensile strength from 20 to 80 kN/m. The production of higher tensile ...

    By HUESKER Synthetic GmbH based in Gescher, GERMANY. from Geosynthetics - Grids Product line

  • DK - PP Biaxial Geogrid 10KN-10KN

    DONGKAI-TGSG 10KN-50KN---POLYPROPYLENE BIAXIAL GEOGRIDDONGKAI-TGSG GRID are high modulus polypropylene geogrid,produced by an extrusion process characterized by a tensile resistance both in the longitudinal and in the transverse direction.For over 30 years, Biaxial geogrid have been utilized in pavement construction and soil stabilization projects ...

    By Dongkai Geosynthetics based in Taian, CHINA.

  • Uniaxial - Geogrids

    Tensar geogrids are materials made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene or polyester and they are used for soil reinforcement. There are two kinds of Tensar ® geogrids: biaxial and uniaxial geogrids.

    By S.C. Iridex Group Plastic S.R.L based in Voluntari, ROMANIA. from Geosynthetic Materials Product line

  • Model PP - Welded Geogrids

    PP welded geogrid is a new type environment-friendly construction material. It’s welded into “#” structure after adding reinforced fiber into PE, PP stretched ribs. They’re divided into uniaxial and biaxial bonding geogrids, uniaxial and biaxial welded geogrids. The product has advantages of high tensile strength, low ...

    By Shandong Luyuan Engineering Materials Co. Limited based in Chengdu City, CHINA. from Geogrid Product line

  • Geosky - Steel Plastic Geogrid

    The Steel-plastic Geogrid is a grid mesh, which is made by high strength steel. The steel turns to steel plastic string after covering with Polyethylene resin, and then thermal melting welded by ultrasonic welding machine according to the technological requirements. The convex node steel plastic geogrid is the upgraded production of normal ...

    By Shandong Geosky Technology Co., Ltd based in Daiyue District, Taian, CHINA. from Steel Plastic Geogrid Product line

  • Junsheng - Model JS-TGSG - Plastic Geogrid Production Line Machine

    Controlled by PLC, Junsheng geogrid line realizes the remote control, convenient, accurate, and reliable. Longitudinal stretching part adopts hot stretching rollers, Transversal stretching part is heated by hot air generated from the heat exchanger heated by the hot oil. So, the final single-direction geogrid and bi-direction geogrid is uniformity ...

    By Jiaxing Junsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. based in Qixing, Jiaxing City, CHINA. from Geomembrane/Net Machine Product line

  • ProGrid - Self Adhesive Glass Fibre Geogrid

    Progrid Self Adhesive Glass Fibre Geogrid is a high modulus glass fibre geogrid with a modified pitch coating to provide a good bond with the asphalt layers and self-adhesive backing. Progrid® Self Adhesive Glass Fibre Geogrid can not only increase the tensile strength of the asphalt layer and extend the service life of ...

    By Global Synthetics Pty Ltd based in Smithfield, AUSTRALIA. from Geogrids - Biaxial/Multidirectional Product line

  • Model TGSG2020 - Extruded Geogrids

    Extruded geogrids are formed using a polymer sheet that is punched and drawn in either one or two or multiple directions for  improvement of engineering properties.  Extruded geogrids that are pre-tensioned in two directions are referred to as biaxial geogrids and are typically used in pavement  applications where the direction of ...

    By Geopool Engineering Materials Co.,Ltd based in Shanghai, CHINA. from Geogrid Product line

  • Asphaltgrid - High Modulus Polyester Geogrid

    ASPHALTGRID: high modulus polyester geogrid, bitumen polymer-coated, specific for asphalt overlay . ASPHALTGRID COMP: geocomposite consisting of a high modulus polyester geogrid, in bitumen-coated polymer, combined with a nonwoven geotextile, specifically designed for asphalt overlay . ASPHAGLASS: Fiberglass Geogrid-specific specific for asphalt ...

    By Geosintex Srl based in Sandrigo (VI), ITALY. from Geogrids for Roads Pavement Product line

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