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  • Geomembrana HDPE 2 mm for Canal Lining Project in Vietnam

    Geomembrana HDPE 2 mm, also called 2mm HDPE Geomembrane, is one of the most affordable and effective geomembrane liner materials on the market today, with some of the best physical characteristics in the geomembrane industry. BPM provides the high quality reinforced polyethylene material geomembrane in the industry, and


  • GEOFORUM 2019 Heads to Philadelphia

    GEOFORUM 2019 Heads to Philadelphia

    HUESKER’s annual GeoForum events are characterized by high-caliber presentations and high-quality networking. The smaller-by-design gatherings leave considerable room for Q&A on some of the day’s most important geosynthetic topics. ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Professional PVC Thermomat

    Professional PVC Thermomat

    The 895 Professional PVC Thermomat determines the thermostability of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other chlorine-containing polymers by means of the dehydrochlorination test (DHC). This involves exposing the samples to elevated temperatures in the PVC Thermomat and measuring the stability time – the time until gaseous hydrogen chloride is released. The method is compliant with national and ...