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  • Triaxial Geophone
    Showcase Product

    Triaxial Geophone

    By Norsonic AS

    The triaxial geophone Nor1292 is a sensitive transducer for vibration velocity based on a rugged geophone construction used by seismologists and geophysicists for decades. One main application is for the measurement of ...

  • Starter Vertical Geophone
    Showcase Product

    Starter Vertical Geophone

    By M.A.E. Advanced Geophysics Instruments

    Starter vertical geophone with cable and connector used to start recording in seismograph.

  • Exploration Seismograph
    Showcase Product

    Exploration Seismograph

    By PASI s.r.l.

    GEA24 is a compact-sized 24 channel seismograph (2 units can be serialized for a total of 48 chs.) with a 24 bit data acquisition board and USB interface for external PC (not included in the standard ...