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  • Transceiver
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    By Geoscanners AB

    The transceiver configuration TR501 has a sampler/transmitter combination together with the switching electronics, this makes possible the use of one antenna in monostatic mode. The signal to noise ratio of the sampler ...

  • GPR Plug-In High Power Transmitter
    Showcase Product

    GPR Plug-In High Power Transmitter

    By Geoscanners AB

    The very high power transmitter VHT501 is designed for very deep survey together with the sampler unit. The power consumption of this unit has been optimized in a way that makes possible to use it with the SIR-3000 ...

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  • Trana-Tek Ghana Limited

    Trana-Tek Ghana Limited

    Trana-Tek Ghana Limited is a full service company providing Surveying, Engineering and Logistics services to the Mining, Exploration, Drilling, Oil ...


    SUBSUELO3D develops and markets geophysical equipment. Our seismographs are the only wireless solution for the geotechnical industry in the market. ...

  • EstronGPR


    Estron Ground Penetrating Radar uses specialized technology that locates rebar, pipes, conduits, post-tension cables, voids, and metallic and ...

  • Geo-radar Anna Groffik

    Geo-radar Anna Groffik

    GEO-RADAR - since 2005, is one of the first geophysical companies in the polish market. We specialize in the application of a wide range of ...

  • Mount Sopris Instruments

    Mount Sopris Instruments

    Mount Sopris Instrument Company was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1951 at a time when locating uranium for weapon and reactor use was of national ...