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  • Vertical Component Magnetic Gradiometer
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    Vertical Component Magnetic Gradiometer

    By Geomorph Instruments

    The Grad-01-1000L is a vertical component magnetic gradiometer for archaeological and geophysical surveys and UXO detection. It is designed for use alone or as one element in a gradiometer array for rapid data ...

  • Hand-Held Electromagnetic (EM) Survey Instruments
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    Hand-Held Electromagnetic (EM) Survey Instruments

    By Geophex, Ltd.

    The GEM-3 configuration which is the basis of our hand-held GEM-3 instruments can be scaled up for use on a pushcart. Because the transmit coil runs around the edge of the panel, it can generate much larger moments than ...

  • Electromagnetic (EM) Survey Instruments
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    Electromagnetic (EM) Survey Instruments

    By Geophex, Ltd.

    The GEM-3 configuration can be built as a GEM-3 array. The GEM-3 Array is a flat panel with a large transmitter coil along its perimeter and 3 , 5 or 7 equally-spaced receiver coils along its center line. This ...

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  • Misr Marine

    Misr Marine is one of the leading companies with experience more than 20 years in providing Hydrographic and Geophysical Survey, Positioning and ...

  • IND.A.G.O. snc

    IND.A.G.O. snc

    we are an Italian Company –IND.A.G.O. snc, focused in Geophysical surveys applied in engineering works.We can support all kind of projects, thanks ...

  • Terraplus Inc

    Terraplus a Canadian company suppling handheld conductivity and magnetic susceptibility instruments for exploration and soil studies. Terraplus is ...

  • McPhar International

    McPhar International

    The services we provide involve the acquisition of gravity and gravity gradient data, magnetic and magnetic gradient data, time and frequency domain ...

  • GPX Surveys

    Fixed wing and helicopter airborne geophysical surveys, data processing, interpretation and consulting for mineral (onshore) and hydrocarbon ...