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  • Diver Sled
    Showcase Product

    Diver Sled

    By Aqua Survey, Inc.

    A new hybrid system combines Aqua Survey-modified EM-61 high-powered Tx/Rx coils, Aqua Survey underwater monitors and Geonics’ EM-61 consoles with precision positioning/tracking equipment. Combining new with ...

  • Transceiver
    Showcase Product


    By Geoscanners AB

    The transceiver configuration TR501 has a sampler/transmitter combination together with the switching electronics, this makes possible the use of one antenna in monostatic mode. The signal to noise ratio of the sampler ...

  • GPR Plug-In High Power Transmitter
    Showcase Product

    GPR Plug-In High Power Transmitter

    By Geoscanners AB

    The very high power transmitter VHT501 is designed for very deep survey together with the sampler unit. The power consumption of this unit has been optimized in a way that makes possible to use it with the SIR-3000 ...

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  • Trana-Tek Ghana Limited

    Trana-Tek Ghana Limited

    Trana-Tek Ghana Limited is a full service company providing Surveying, Engineering and Logistics services to the Mining, Exploration, Drilling, Oil ...

  • Geophex, Ltd.

    Geophex, Ltd.

    Geophex, Ltd. is a geophysical research and instrumentation company founded in 1983 and headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. We are experts in ...

  • SkyTEM ApS

    SkyTEM ApS

    SkyTEM is a leading airborne geophysical survey company offering the acquisition and advanced processing of transient electromagnetic (TEM), magnetic ...

  • Geotech Ltd.

    Geotech Ltd.

    Geotech Ltd. is a mining, energy, engineering and environmental services company providing airborne geophysical survey services and instrumentation ...

  • Survey Engineer Intertech Co., Ltd.

    Instruments for geophysical survey, meteorology, hydrology, geology, wind speed data, etc.