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Geophysics equipment for Soil and Groundwater

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    Model 1 TO 3 HP 500LBS - Electric Portable Winch

    The CSW-7 is an electric winch designed for use in oceanographic and geophysical research. This model is capable of lifting and lowering most small instrumentation payloads, while remaining light enough for four people to transport. It has a drum capacity of 1000 m of 0.25' cable. A slip ring adapter can be added to accommodate Mercotac slip rings ...

    By General Oceanics Inc. based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA). from Winches Product line

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    FerroCheck - Model 2000 - Magnetic Wear

    The FerroCheck 2000 is a portable magnetometer offering accuracy and convenience for total ferrous measurement of in-service lubricating oils.

    By Spectro Scientific based in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Products for Portable/Lab Product line

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    AMS - Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

    The most widely accepted, portable method for evaluating strength and density of soil, in situ. The dynamic cone penetrometer uses a 15 lb. (6.8 kg) drive mass falling 20 in. (50.8 cm) that strikes the anvil to cause penetration of 1.5 in (3.8 cm) diameter cone (45 degree vertex angle) that has been seated in the bottom of a pre-augered hole. The ...

    By Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.) based in American Falls, IDAHO (USA). from Geotechnical Sampling and Testing Product line

  • Mini CPT

    Gregg’s specially designed miniature cone penetrometer system provides the same valuable stratigraphic detail and soil strength information as our large diameter cone penetrometers. It can be deployed from a variety of barges and work boats and is a cost effective tool for determining near surface soil strength information. Penetration ...

    By Gregg Drilling & Testing, Inc. and Gregg In Situ, Inc. based in Signal Hill, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • MALÅ MIRA - 3D Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) System

    The most technically advanced 3D ground penetrating radar (GPR) system on the market. MALÅ Imaging Radar Array (MIRA) is a one-pass 3D system providing a cost-effective solution for large scale mapping and subsurface object identification. It is the only system of its kind that seamlessly integrates acquisition, processing, QA/QC, ...

    By Guideline Geo based in Sundbyberg, SWEDEN. from MALÅ Product line

  • Profiler - Model EMP-400 - Ground Penetrating Radar System

    The Profiler EMP-400 is GSSI’s powerful electromagnetic induction tool. This EM product was built from the ground up using a proprietary source cancellation and calibration system to create the greatest signal stability on the market and at an affordable price. Profiler’s system structure, electronics and coils are designed for maximum ...

    By Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc., (GSSI) based in Nashua, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • Vertek - Model DCP-DAS - DCP Data Acquisition System

    Accurate and Simple Data Acquisition. Vertek’s DCP Data Acquisition System (DCP-DAS) is designed to operate with the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) via our Android application, automatically measuring and recording the depth of penetration and number of drops, for evaluation of the in situ strength of sub-grade materials. DCP-DAS data is ...

    By Vertek Cone Penetration Test Equipment based in Randolph, VERMONT (USA). from Vertek DCP/ADCP Equipment Product line

  • AirBIRD - Turnkey UAV Towed Magnetometer System

    The AirBIRD is a turnkey light weight towed bird Magnetometer system designed specifically for UAV’s. This system has everything needed to carry out high precision UAV magnetometer surveys from an UAV. The AirBIRD weighs 3.8 kg and therefore is suitable for medium and larger quadcopters and helicopter UAVs. The system is designed to simply ...

    By GEM Systems, Inc. based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA). from GEM UAV Sensors and UAV Systems Product line

  • Geometrics - Model StrataGem - High Frequency Hybrid CSAMT System

    The StrataGem is a high frequency Hybrid CSAMT system. The Stratagem EH4 uses the magnetotelluric (MT) method to measure subsurface conductivities. The MT method is based on the fact that the ratio of the magnetic field to the electric field at a given frequency is a constant for a constant resistivity. The StrataGem, uses natural fields created ...

    By Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd based in Leighton Buzzard, UNITED KINGDOM. from Land Geophysical Equipment - Electromagnetic Product line

  • Geometics - Model MetalMapper - Advanced Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) Instrument

    MetalMapper is the most advanced Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) instrument available for Unexploded Ordinance (UXO) detection. Through analysing the 3D EM decay curves of buried metallic targets the instrument permits an operator to differentiate between intact UXO, fragmented shrapnel and metallic debris.

    By Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd based in Leighton Buzzard, UNITED KINGDOM. from Land Geophysical Equipment - Electromagnetic Product line

  • Geometrics - Model ES3000 - Exploration Seismograph

    The ES3000 in the latest seismograph from Geometrics, available in 8, 12, 16 or 24 channel variants, it is especially suited to those who have infrequent need for a small Seismograph, but when they do, they demand the best possible performance from their instrument. Like its big brother the Geode, the ES3000 is controlled via an Ethernet cable to ...

    By Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd based in Leighton Buzzard, UNITED KINGDOM. from Land Geophysical Equipment - Seismic Product line

  • Midi CPT Crawler

    The Midi CPT Crawler is a compact and manoeuvrable CPT system, with a maximum power of 20 tons. The Midi CPT Crawler consists of the renowned CPT penetrometer (HYSON 200 kN) mounted on an undercarriage with rubber tracks. With a weight of about 3,500 kg and a width of only 1200 mm the Midi CPT Crawler fits trough small passages and can be ...

    By A.P. van den Berg based in Heerenveen, NETHERLANDS. from Onshore Cone Penetration Test Equipment (CPT) Product line

  • CPT Truck

    The A.P. van den Berg CPT Truck is a vehicle suitable for soil investigations in pushing capacities from 140 to 200 kN or even more.  A.P. van den Berg has more than 40 years’ experience in manufacturing CPT Trucks based on many diff erent trucks and models. The all-wheel drive 6x6 model has proven most popular ...

    By A.P. van den Berg based in Heerenveen, NETHERLANDS. from Onshore Cone Penetration Test Equipment (CPT) Product line

  • CPT Crawler

    The CPT Crawler provides the same high production rates and reliability as the CPT Truck, with the advantage of tracks for better manoeuvrability in rough or soft terrain. The crawler is the only option at sites where the maximum allowed height is limited. Of course a separate carriage is required for transport of the ...

    By A.P. van den Berg based in Heerenveen, NETHERLANDS. from Onshore Cone Penetration Test Equipment (CPT) Product line

  • Transient Technologies - Model VIY3-500 GPR - Ground Penetrating Radar

    The VIY3-500 ground penetrating radar (GPR) is used for location and analysis of underground objects using electromagnetic pulse radiation up to 4 meters depth (thickness). The VIY3-500 GPR is suitable for searching of both metallic and dielectric objects (pipes, communications, voids, building constructions, etc.).

    By Transient Technologies LLC based in Kyiv, UKRAINE.

  • Paulsson - Geometrics

    Geometrics leads the world in delivering top quality, results-producing, highly portable geophysical instruments for researchers and universities, exploration and private geophysical engineering companies, and for government agencies and departments. Utilize our 40 years of innovative products and experience to make the most of your next survey.

    By Paulsson, Inc. (PI) based in Van Nuys, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Pagani - Model CPT - Cone Penetration Testing Tests

    The CPT test (mechanical type) is essentially the extent of resistance to opening up a bit of size and mechanical characteristics standardized, stuck in a land-speed constant (2 cm / sec). In Cone Penetration Testing, with the Begemann Mechanical Cone, the Qc (tip resistance) and RL (side friction) values are measured with a load cell and ...

    By Pagani Geotechnical Equipment s.r.l. based in Calendasco, ITALY. from Other Product line

  • Magnetometer Cone

    Our magnetometer probe is utilised to detect any ferrous objects in the ground such as unexploded ordnance (UXO). By taking real time readings of the amplitude of the earth’s magnetic field (with a 1.5m detection radius) any distortions from locally buried ferrous objects such as tanks, drums, pipes or bombs, will be detected. We also have ...

    By Lankelma based in Iden, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cone Penetrometers Product line

  • Full Displacement Cone Pressuremeter

    The full displacement pressuremeter, or pressuremeter cone, is a device designed to apply a uniform pressure to the walls of the hole by means of a flexible expanding membrane. This in-situ test measures both soil strength and stiffness parameters at strain levels as low as 0.01%. The pressuremeter is comprised of a pair of calibrated strain arms ...

    By Lankelma based in Iden, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cone Penetrometers Product line

  • Mount Sopris - Model Mini Series - Winch

    The “Mini” winch is a logging hoist, capable of positioning a geophysical probe or other tools in a borehole. The system is equipped with slipring and connections through which surface instrumentation can communicate with the probe. A precision measuring wheel and rotary encoder are also included to allow the amount of cable played out ...

    By Mount Sopris Instruments based in Denver, COLORADO (USA). from Geophysical Logging Winches Product line

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