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  • HDPE Pond Liner Installation for Evaporation pond in Morocco

    HDPE pond liner installation is the procedures that the geomembrane pond liner how to install depending on the size and the edge landscape of the pond design. HDPE pond liner is also know as the HDPE geomembrane liner which contains approximately 98% high-den


  • GEOFORUM 2019 Heads to Philadelphia

    GEOFORUM 2019 Heads to Philadelphia

    HUESKER’s annual GeoForum events are characterized by high-caliber presentations and high-quality networking. The smaller-by-design gatherings leave considerable room for Q&A on some of the day’s most important geosynthetic topics. ...

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  • Water Treatment

    Water Treatment

    Awareness and new regulations require industrial and municipal waste water treatment facilities and their holding lagoons to have a lining system to contain contaminants and prevent the pollution of streams and groundwater.