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  • What is the purpose of soil boring and borehole logging?

    What is the purpose of soil boring and borehole logging?

    What is the purpose of soil boring?Soil boring is a practice of geotechnical investigations whose purpose is to determine the soils load-bearing capabilities, water table and chemical contamination. Boring is important because (1) it helps to determine the capacity of the soil to provide support to the structures on the surface, (2) it reveals the permeability of the soil to


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  • Geo Tester Penetrometer

    Geo Tester Penetrometer

    Geotester dial penetrometer set is used for on-site measurement of soil compaction by testing the foundation plane or boring samples. It gives readings of estimated unconfined compressive strength in TSF or kg/cm2 when used with the standard 1/4` dia plunger. The geotester is furnished with stainless steel plungers, carrying case, data tables, register plates and instructions.

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  • LRFD for Geotechnical Engineering Features

    LRFD for Geotechnical Engineering Features

    This webinar concentrates on ground anchors and ground anchor cut walls (top down construction). Ground anchors have a wide range of applications and encompass a diverse range of wall families including sheet pile, post and panel, H-pile and lagging, slurry and soil mix. These walls resist lateral earth and water pressures through their structural stiffness and anchorages (ground anchors). The ...

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