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Geotechnical Monitoring equipment for Soil and Groundwater

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    AMS - Borehole Preparation Kit

    Improve effectiveness of geotechnical testing and sampling with a pre-bored hole. Includes: 5/8' threaded, 2 1/4' regular auger and 2 1/4' 5/8' planer auger, one 4' 5/8' extension, one 3' 5/8' extension, rubber-coated cross handle, black poly-canvas bag.

    By Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.) based in American Falls, IDAHO (USA). from Borehole Preparation Kit Product line

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    AMS - Field Vane Shear Tester

    Take direct readings of shear strength to depths up to 10 ft (3 meters) in soft to stiff clays. Three (3) vane sizes allow for the direct determination of un-drained shear strength of soft to stiff clays. The peak vane value is determined by a calibrated scale ring built into the head assembly. The cross handle is used both to push the vane to the ...

    By Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.) based in American Falls, IDAHO (USA). from Field Vane Shear Tester Product line

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    Model 14.05 - Field Inspection Vane Tester

    The shear strength or stress of the soil depends on different soil characteristics such as for instance: the granular composition, the humus content, the humidity and (in case of vegetation covered areas) the degree of coverage and the density of the roots. In order to determine the shear stress in the strata in for instance a profile pit, on the ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Field Inspection Vane Tester Product line

  • H-Piles

    Bearing piles are required when a structure cannot be founded on a shallow foundation. Tall structures, for example, often require deep foundations based on engineering principles. In other cases, the soils near the surface may not possess the mechanical properties to support the structure. Thus, a deep foundation system must be designed to ...

    By Skyline Steel based in Parsippany, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Geotechnical Instruments

    Every geotechnical design is to some extent hypothetical, and every construction job involving earth or rock runs the risk of encountering surprises. These circumstances are the inevitable result of working with materials created by nature, often before the advent of human beings, by processes seldom resulting in uniform conditions. The inability ...

    By GaiaComm Ltd. based in Athens, GREECE.

  • dataTaker - Model DT85G - Geotechnical Data Loggers

    DataTaker DT85G is a high end loggers which supports vibrating wire and other Geotechnical sensors. This logger is capable to read up to 960 Vibrating Wire sensors (when using 16x CEM20) and offers the same support on analog and digital channels. DT85G provides a low cost option for connecting massive number of sensors since each channel is ...

  • GeoPrecision - Thermistor String

    The thermistor strings from GeoPrecision can be connected to the Mini- dataloggers (M-Log5W) or to the GPRS-dataloggers (i-Log3V or i-Log12V).

    By GeoPrecision GmbH based in Ettlingen, GERMANY.

  • Jeostok - Pile Integrity Tester

    Concrete piles and drilled shafts are an important category of foundations. Despite their relatively high cost, they become necessary when we want to transfer the loads of a a heavy superstructure (bridge, high rise building, etc.) to the lower layers of soil. Pile integrity test (PIT), or as ASTM D5882 refers to it as low strain ...

    By Jeostok based in Çankaya, TURKEY. from Pile Integrity Tester Product line

  • Model 4800 VW - Earth Pressure Cells

    The Model 4800 Earth Pressure Cells are designed to measure total pressure in earth fills and embankments. All cells consist of two circular stainless steel plates welded together around their periphery and spaced apart by a narrow cavity filled with de-aired oil. Changing earth pressure squeezes the two plates together causing a corresponding ...

    By Geokon Inc based in Lebanon, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Earth Pressure Cells Product line

  • Menard Vibro - Vertical Drains (VD)

    The construction of a new embankment or structure induces additional stresses on the ground that can create unacceptable long term residual settlements during the life of the structure or highway. A preloading program can be designed to induce these settlements in an accelerated time frame and therefore minimize the long term residual settlement ...

    By Menard Vibro based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Vertical Drains (VD) Product line

  • ARES - Automatic Resistivity System

    ARESrepresents a well equipped resistivity and IP imaging system. Its variability, easy field operation (without PC), feeding from a standard 12 V battery or from a generator, rich support of standard and special electrode arrays and compatibility with widespread interpretation software makes ARES a cost effective and useful tool for working ...

    By GF Instruments, s.r.o. based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Automatic Resistivity System Product line

  • Non-Polarizable Electrode

    These chemically neutral Non-Polarizable Electrodes are indispensable for surveys requiring precise, sensitive measurements. Simply add distilled water as needed before use in surveys. Non-Polarizable Electrodes are essential for induced polarization (IP) and self/spontaneous potential (SP) surveying—methods useful for identifying leakage in ...

    By Advanced Geosciences, Inc. based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Geonor - Model H-60 Series - Handheld Vane Tester

    The field vane shear lest (FVST) is the most commonly used method for measuring the undrained shear strength of soft to stiff clays. For this reason, a preliminary investigation of soft clays with a hand-held vane tester is both economic and fully relevant. It also has goodrepeatability and is quick in providing valuable information for the ...

    By Geonor AS based in Østerås, NORWAY. from Handheld Vane Tester Product line

  • Model ERDM/RDM - Setdeflekto Meter

    Mechanical gauges with digital or analog reading for measuring of mechanical extensometers and jointmeters.

    By Huggenberger AG based in Horgen, SWITZERLAND. from Setdeflekto Meter Product line

  • dataTaker - Model DT85GW - Geotechnical Data Loggers

    Advanced design and technology plus 25 years of geotechnical expertise have produced the dataTaker DT85GW GeoLogger – A versatile, powerful – yet low power & cost effective data logger. It support vibrating wire and other geotechnical sensors such as Slope Indicator, RST Instruments, Geokon, Soil Instruments, Roctest, AGI – ...

  • Tecnopenta - Rod Type Extensometer

    This instrument is designed to measure the displacement between two layers of soil or between two rock volumes. It consists in a rod, that can slide in a hole through the volume under examination and that is bonded to a measurement system located on the surface. The extensometer records the displacement between the surface and the hole’s ...

    By Tecnopenta s.r.l. based in Teolo PD, ITALY. from Rod Type Extensometer Product line

  • Rice - Model R-4 - Magnetic Reed Switch Probe Extensometer System

    The R-4 Magnetic Extensometer is a precise multiply point settlement gage designed to accurately measure deformation in soil and rock including:

    By Rice Engineering & Operating Ltd. based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Magnetic Reed Switch Probe Extensometer System Product line

  • Profound - Model SIT-series - Pile Integrity Testing System

    Pile quality is often determined by performing a low strain integrity test directly after pile driving or within days after installation of cast-in-situ piles. Sonic Integrity Testing is a widely used method for testing the quality of concrete piles in a non-destructive way before they are incorporated in the final foundation plan.

    By Profound BV based in Waddinxveen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Sinorock - Model RSM-SY7 - Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Tester

    The RSM-SY7 performs Cross-hole and Single Hole Sonic Logging, which evaluates the quality of the concrete of deep foundations. It initiates internationally the function of four channels self-transmission-receive section of foundation pile testing.

    By Wuhan Sinorock Technology Co., Ltd based in Hongshan District, Wuhan City, CHINA. from Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Tester Product line

  • GM - Model ARS - IP and Resistivity

    This device represents a well-equipped resistivity and IP imaging system. Its variability, easy field operation (without PC), feeding from a standard 12 V battery, rich support of standard and special electrode arrays and compatibility with widespread interpretation software makes a cost effective and useful tool for working groups and research ...

    By Geomorph Instruments based in Piraeus, GREECE. from IP and Resistivity Product line

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