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  • Geomembrana HDPE 2 mm for Canal Lining Project in Vietnam

    Geomembrana HDPE 2 mm, also called 2mm HDPE Geomembrane, is one of the most affordable and effective geomembrane liner materials on the market today, with some of the best physical characteristics in the geomembrane industry. BPM provides the high quality reinforced polyethylene material geomembrane in the industry, and


  • Silt curtains for storm drain runoff

    Silt curtains for storm drain runoff

    Turbidity curtains, also referred to as silt curtains, offer a means to keep suspended particles from vacating the immediate area in a body of water.  The curtains hang from floats down into the water and impede the flow of the turbidity or ...

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  • Turbidity Silt Curtain

    Turbidity Silt Curtain

    Type 1 turbidity curtain is suitable for use in protected waters where the effects of the wind, waves and current are minimal. Texas Boom manufactures Type 1 DOT compliant silt curtains.