Groundwater Containment

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  • Swimming pool

    Swimming pool

    SWIMMING POOL DEHUMIDIFICATIONMost pool facilities, indoor swimming pools or spa rooms, need heat a majority of time for both the water and the air to a comfortable temperature, which will generate much humidity in the air. Besides, the humidity in these facilities also comes from ventilation, evaporation of the pool water and the damp ground. The damp air contains chlorine or bromine


  • How SBM Ultra-fine Grinding Reduces Grinding Pressure

    How SBM Ultra-fine Grinding Reduces Grinding Pressure

    SBM is committed to the powder industry's ultrafine mill machinery and equipment more than 10 years of innovative and substantial development. In the market there are many loyal customers and considerable sales. High-quality ultra-fine grinding ...

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  • UV Digester

    UV Digester

    Surface and ground water can contain complex organic compounds, originating from vegetation, animals, biological effluents, soils etc. These organic compounds bond with metal ions, rendering them electrochemically inactive, and thus the metal cannot be detected using a Metalyser instrument.