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Permeability Testing (Groundwater Monitoring) equipment available in São Tomé & Príncipe

  • Model MI.GE-1003 - Cross Permeability Test Apparatus

    Permeability of a geotextile must be substantially greater than that of the protected soil, so that water can pass freely from the soil through the fabric without build up of hydrostatic pressure. A high value of the permeability of the geotextile also infers that partial clogging will not reduce the permeability. The constant head test is carried ...

  • Model FX 3320 - Mobile Air Permeability Tester MOBILAIR

    The TEXTEST FX 3320 Air Permeability Tester MOBILAIR is a portable instrument for determination of the air permeability both, in the testing laboratory and in a mobile environment. It is particularly suitable for measurements on contaminated samples, such as used filters. The instrument works in accordance with ASTM D 737, BS 5,636, EDANA 140.1, ...

    By Textest AG based in Schwerzenbach, SWITZERLAND. from Air Permeability Testers Product line

  • Blain Air Permeability Apparatus

    The fineness of cement has a significant effect in its physical properties when used in concrete. Generally the finer the cement powder, the more rapid the concrete will set, as there is an increase in its surface area. The measure of fineness is usually undertaken by sieving, and the result assessed against the cement standard for compliance.

    By EIE INSTRUMENTS P.LTD based in Kathwada, INDIA. from Cement Testing Product line

  • COMBISCAN - Model FX 3500 - On-Line Tester

    Continuously measures the air permeability and/or thickness of fabrics, non-wovens, felts, films and paper maker cloth at the moving web directly in the production line. On-line testing directly in the production line saves time and money.

    By Textest AG based in Schwerzenbach, SWITZERLAND. from Air Permeability Testers Product line

  • Nordic - Air Permeability Testers

    Our Air Permeability tester for textiles is used for air permeability testing of the fabrics. Digital and analogue models are available. Testile Testing Equipment, Textile Testing Products, Retail Textile Testing Standards

  • PORTAIR - Model FX 3360 - Portable Air Permeability and Thickness Tester

    Determination of the air permeability or the pressure drop at a given air velocity, respectively as well as the thickness of fabrics, non-wovens, felts, films and paper maker cloth directly in the production machine. The instrument is suitable for spot and profile measurements.

    By Textest AG based in Schwerzenbach, SWITZERLAND. from Instruments for Profile Testing Product line

  • Palas - Model APM 2005 - Automatic Test Rig for Permeable Materials for Measurement of Particle Penetration

    With this test rig concept, the flow over the material under testing is designed in a realistic manner and is made up - as required either fully or optionally (through replacement of the inflow module) - of different angles. The APM 2005 is equipped with the new light scattering spectrometer system welas digital 3000 for virtually simultaneous ...

    By Palas GmbH based in Karlsruhe, GERMANY. from Filter Test Systems - Filter Media Product line

  • AIRBAG-TESTER - Model FX 3350 - Dynamic Air Permeability Tester

    Determination of the dynamic air permeability as well as the exponent of the air permeability curve of uncoated airbag fabrics. By means of a PC with the Evaluation Program L 5110 LABODATA III the test results can be displayed and printed as curves, including the bi-axial tensile characteristics of the test specimen.

    By Textest AG based in Schwerzenbach, SWITZERLAND. from Table and Floor Instruments Product line

  • Permeation Instruments - OX-TRAN Model 702

    The OX-TRAN® Model 702 is the latest innovation in oxygen transmission rate (OTR) oxygen permeability testing, Suitable for quality control as well as conducting a shelf life study or other research and development.

    By Appleby Instrumentation based in Bloubergstrand, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • BIM BAR - Model 28 — 170 Mm - Inflatable Single Packers

    Geopro manufactures a complete range of inflatable single packers available in nine different diameters from 0 28mm up to 0 170mm. These packers are mainly used for cement grouting, permeability testing...

    By Geopro S.A. based in Mons, BELGIUM. from Inflatable Packers Product line

  • Wireline Packer System

    The Wireline Packer System is a time-saving method for conducting permeability testing during core drilling. The test is carried out with the drill string in place, reducing the time required to test in open or unstable formations. Available for all makes of wireline core barrels (N, H and P), Wireline packers are easily repaired in the field in ...

    By Geopro S.A. based in Mons, BELGIUM. from Other Products Product line

  • BAT - Model GMS - Permeameter

    BAT Permeameter Using the the BAT GMS, in situ hydraulic conductivity tests can be routinely performed, both in unsaturated and saturated soils. The BAT Permeameter combines with the BAT Piezometer equipment and the BAT MkIII Filter tip.

    By BAT Geosystems AB based in Stenkullen, SWEDEN.

  • Model BAT - Groundwater Monitoring System

    The patented BAT - Groundwater Monitoring System represents an innovative and proven technology for groundwater monitoring and testing. For over twentyfive years the BAT-system has been successfully used in a great number of groundwater monitoring projects worldwide. BAT AB together with Profound have successfully created a unique and reliable ...

    By Profound BV based in Waddinxveen, NETHERLANDS.

  • SmartData Solutions - Cloud-Based Process

    SmartData Solutions is COLUMBIA’s patented cloud-based process that integrates high-resolution data collection and interactive reporting tools to optimize the evaluation and design of soil and groundwater remediation programs. SmartData Solutions provides customers access to proven, real-time investigation, analysis and visualization ...

    By COLUMBIA Technologies, LLC based in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Gouda-Geo - Piezometer Standpipes

    A piezometer standpipe is a tube with a perforated part, that is placed in the ground in order to determine the groundwater level (i.e. the freatic water table) or to monitor the quality and quantity of the groundwater. The perforated part of the piezometer standpipe is called the filter tube and is in general 1 or 2 meters long. The 'blind' or ...

    By Gouda Geo-Equipment BV based in Hillegom, NETHERLANDS. from Instrumentation Product line

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