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  • Groundwater Level and Surface Water Depletion Linked

    Groundwater Level and Surface Water Depletion Linked

    Study’s computer model could be influential in future water managementA new study looking at a century of groundwater declines in the continental United States has concluded that overpumping water from aquifers is responsible for up to half of the river flow declines that now threaten economies and public health in m


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  • Catalytic Oxidizer

    Catalytic Oxidizer

    The Global Technologies` Chloro-CatTM is catalytic oxidizer specifically designed to destroy halogenated emissions such as chlorinated, fluorinated, brominated or mixed organic vapor contaminants that are sometimes found in contaminated soil and groundwater.  During site remediation, these toxins are removed via Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE), Air Stripping, Dual Phase Extraction or ...