Groundwater Pumping equipment for Soil and Groundwater available in Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Premium

    Micro-Diver - Compact Water Level Logger for Groundwater Monitoring

    Micro-DiverCompact water level logger for Groundwater Monitoring. Easy to use water level logger. Perfect for pump and slug tests. Easy to install in small diameter wells. Available in various measuring ranges.

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Data Logger Product line

  • MicroNiche - Science of Engineering

    The start of the 21st century saw major efforts to apply new biological discoveries to solve the world’s problems. Genetic engineering and molecular biology are increasing our food supply and creating life-saving medicines. Leveraging powerful biological processes has opened new opportunities for cleaning our environment, providing fresh ...

    By Microvi Biotech based in Hayward, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • TLG - Depth-sounding device

    Category: Groundwater:-Portable hand-held device for determining the water level and for depth sounding up to 200 m -Fine mechanical, fully automatic measurement procedures-Mechanical counter to display the groundwater level in m and cm-Light weight and compact design

    By SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG based in Kaufbeuren, GERMANY.

  • Pneumatic Control Panel

    There are two different types of control panels produced by DIMACO s.a.s., one for the control of automatic pumps (HWSO) and one for the control of total-fluid pumps timed (HWSO-T), but these products may be configured according to customer requirements, they can be integrated with a PLC control system ...

    By Dimaco s.a.s based in Gela (CL), ITALY.

  • Model TR -042/TR -037/TR -035/TR -070/TR -074 - Mini Bladder Pumps

    For low-flow ground water purging and sampling. The pneumatic Mini Bladder Pumps are designed to obtain a representative ground water sample with the assistance of a controller to provide variable flow rates. The controller allows the user to match the pumping rate to the well recharge rate, limiting the stress on the formation. With the small ...

    By Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH based in Essen, GERMANY. from Groundwater Sampling Pumps Product line

  • Model GPRO - High Pressure - Gas Diffusion System

    The groundwater Pressurized Remediation Optimizer (gPRO) High Pressure (HP) system, based on inVentures patented Gas inFusion technology, inFuses higher stabilized concentrations of dissolved gas into water compared to any other technology. For superb bioremediation results, inFusion is accomplished without additives such as hydrogen peroxide, ...

    By Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH based in Essen, GERMANY. from Air Sparging & Oxygen Diffusion Product line

  • Groundwater Abstraction systems

    Cornelsen has supplied and installed systems deploying a wide range of grounwater absrtaction pumps. These include pumps for: Submersible pumps for groundwater hydraulic control, transfer or backwashing; Submersible pumps for dual-phase (dual pump) product recovery; Self priming suction pumps; Sludge pumps; Progressive cavity transfer pumps.

    By Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH based in Essen, GERMANY. from Pump & Treat & Skimming Product line

  • Well Wizard & MicroPurge - Low Flow Groundwater Sampling Pumps Systems

    Well Wizard pumps for MicroPurge low-flow groundwater sampling systems come in an unsurpassed range of sizes, materials, and capabilities, including models for deep sampling wells, narrow or obstructed casings, and small-volume pumps for low-yield monitoring wells. Together with MicroPurge controllers, flow cells, and accessories, they create the ...

    By QED Environmental Systems, Inc based in Dexter, MICHIGAN (USA). from Groundwater Sampling Product line

  • Model D-16 - Plastic Valve

    This is the standard valve component for the Waterra Standard Flow inertial pump. Simply screw this valve on to the base of our 5/8' Waterra HDPE tubing and you have a fully functional inertial pump. Minimum well diameter: 1'

    By Waterra USA Inc. based in Peshatin, WASHINGTON (USA). from Inertial Pumps Product line

  • Pumps and Pump Equipment

    Pumps and pump pits build by waste water technologies, make sure that all the water and waste water is being transported according to specifications. Advice and a good selection in pump-brand and pump-quality guaranty a maintenance free transportation of all fluids.

  • Blackhawk - Pump Controller

    Conventional pump controllers run fast, then stop—on and off, like a light switch. As a result, pump production is inconsistent, and operating costs are high. Stop-and-go performance is hard on critical machinery, too. As requirements for pump efficiency and effectiveness continue to rise, operators look to technological improvements to meet ...

    By Blackhawk Technology Company based in Glen Ellyn, ILLINOIS (USA). from Controller Product line

  • TerraTherm - Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE)

    TerraTherm offers Steam Enhanced Extraction, a highly effective technology used for the recovery of free product and the remediation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) since the mid-1990s. Steam Enhanced Extraction achieves on-site separation and treatment through steam injection into wells and extraction of hot fluids. Steam propagation is a ...

    By TerraTherm - a Cascade Company based in Gardner, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Easy Fitting - Quick-Release Connectors

    The Easy Fitting Quick-release Connectors is a new type of lower-cost, quick fitting for the AutoPump (Patent Pending), designed for severe duty downwell conditions at landfills and remediation sites. The Easy Fitting allows the AutoPump to be quickly disconnected from its tubing and hose sets, eliminating the need to cut the tubing. Constructed ...

    By QED Environmental Systems, Inc based in Dexter, MICHIGAN (USA). from Landfill Products Product line

  • Model SRX - Remediation Pump

    Pneumatic pumps for use in 2-inch and larger-diameter wells up to 200 ft. The SRX is an air-powered pump used to extract ground water or total fluids at variable rates equal to the well recharge rates. The SRX is available in a 43.75mm OD or 87.5mm OD for use in 2” and 4” wells. Pump flow rates are up to 35 l/min (2.1m3/hr)  The ...

    By Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH based in Essen, GERMANY. from Remediation Total Fluids Pumps Product line

  • QED - Pneumatic Displacement Pump

    Cleanup well conditions can be downright hostile: powerful solvents, gasoline and fuel oil, strong acids, caustic bases, corrosive chlorides. That’s why QED makes the Pulse Pump series (our basic gas displacement pumps) in a variety of proven materials that won’t just survive, but will deliver years of trouble-free performance.

    By QED Environmental Systems, Inc based in Dexter, MICHIGAN (USA). from Groundwater Remediation Pumping Product line

  • Solinst - Model 407 - Pneumatically Controlled Groundwater Bladder Pump

    The Solinst Bladder Pump allows consistent, high quality samples in all types of applications. It offers excellent performance and reliability. With Solinst Bladder Pumps there is the assurance that there is no air/water contact during sampling. It meets the most rigorous US EPA standards for VOC groundwater monitoring.

    By Solinst Canada Ltd. based in Georgetown, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Groundwater Samplers Product line

  • Submersible or Sump Pumps

    Sump pumps are fantastic in flood defence schemes, but they must be submersed in water to function correctly. They are often permanently wired in and installed into sumps. When coupled with an automatic float switch they are perfect for passive flood defence schemes.

    By Flood Protection Solutions Ltd based in Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Pumps Product line

  • Geotech - Model SS - Geosub Pump & Controller

    The SS Geosub sampling pump is the most versatile single stage 12 Volt DC pump in the industry. Designed with all stainless steel components, the SS Geosub allows you to sample with confidence even in the harshest well conditions. The SS Geosub Pump operates with the Geotech SS Geosub Controller.

    By Geotech Environmental Equipment Inc. based in Denver, COLORADO (USA). from Groundwater Sampling Equipments Product line

  • Sample Pro - Low-Flow Portable Pump for Groundwater Sampling

    The Sample Pro pump and tubing are and have always been PFC-Free. The Sample Pro Portable Pump, the first pump developed specifically to bring the advantages of low-flow sampling to sites requiring portable pumps, has been shown to be PFC-Free. Sample analysis by an independent laboratory showed no detections for 24 different perfluorinated ...

    By QED Environmental Systems, Inc based in Dexter, MICHIGAN (USA). from Groundwater Sampling Product line

  • Efaflu - Model 4 NBS Series - Submersible Borehole Pumps

    The 4 NBS series consists of submersible, multistage, centrifugal pumps for collection of underground water in boreholes. As well as collection of surface water, since adequated motor cooling. The coupling of the pump to the motor complies with the NEMA standard.

    By EFAFLU based in Póvoa de Varzim, PORTUGAL. from Submersible Borehole Pumps Product line

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