Groundwater Regulations

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  • When water suffers from high turbidity, Filtronics is the clear solution

    Water loses its transparency and takes on a hazy appearance when it contains a large quantity of suspended solid particles. While even a moderate lack of clarity is noticeable to even casual observers, the average person would probably describe a sample of such water as “cloudy” or “murky.” The technical term – turbidity – is not widely known to laymen outside ...


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  • Sounding Devices With Acoustic and Light Signal

    Sounding Devices With Acoustic and Light Signal

    The devices are provided with a probe, which is connected to a measuring tape with centimeter graduation. When the probe touches a conductive liquid, a clear acoustic and light signal is produced. If the cable is then lifted a little, the signal will stop. Determination of this point allows the user to read the depth directly from the measuring tape (accuracy: ± 0.5 cm).