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groundwater development (Groundwater Resources) equipment

  • Groundwater Development And Geothermy

    Con-slot is the TRADE MARK for well screens and industrial process screens. All con-slot products are being manufactured in our modern plant, located in the industrial area of the City of Wittingen on the banks of the Elbe-Side-Canal. Thus, quick connections to the seaport of Hamburg and all overseas markets are guaranteed. Further, we offer ...

    By con-slot SCREENS based in Wittingen, GERMANY.

  • Site Development Services

    The development of a construction site during civil construction projects can include the hydraulic and mechanical dredging of adjacent waterways; dewatering of onsite ponds and impoundments; and installing wick drains to control groundwater intrusions. Final site development activities typically include final site grading, development of ...

    By Remedial Construction Services, L.P. (RECON) based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Civil Construction Product line

  • Envirofix - Groundwater & Leachate Remediation Technologies

    Envirofix has developed groundwater and leachate remediation technologies for use at landfill and contaminated sites. Envirofix remediation technologies are fully automated and utilize state-of the-art control systems that can be operated remotely through cyberspace or analog communication links.

    By Envirofix Corporation based in St. Catharines, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • XDD - Model TCE - Trichloroethylene Contamination and Remediation System

    Trichloroethylene or trichloroethene (TCE) is a synthetic chemical often historically used:as an anesthetic as a degreaser for metal parts to decaffinate coffee for dry-cleaning (eventually being phased out in favor of TCE). Contamination by TCE in groundwater is frequent for developed commercial and industrial areas.  Due to partitioning, ...

    By XDD, LLC. based in Stratham, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • Weston - In Situ Recirculating Well Technology

    Recirculating Well Technology is an in situ system for remediating contaminated aquifers. This technology is based on a very simple concept and design where downhole equipment creates movement of groundwater into and back out of the well after treatment. This movement develops a groundwater circulation cell around a remediation well. The ...

    By Weston Solutions, Inc based in West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Onsite Remediation Technology Product line

  • Baioni - Model Soil Washing - Contaminated Soil and Sediment Treatment

    Soil washing equipment for stationary or mobile solutions. Baioni has been active in the remediation of soil and groundwater. Remediation concepts are developed and implemented for public authorities and private companies. Baioni has, at its disposal, a whole range of remediation techniques, ranging from selective excavation, extraction and ...

    By Baioni Crushing Plants Spa based in Monte Porzio, ITALY. from Waste Treatment Plants Product line

  • Helzel - Environmental and Oceanographic Measurement Systems

    One of our most interesting environmental projects is a System for ground impedance measurement to monitor the drift of the borderline between fresh- and salt-water in the ground water. Our development team is always interested to support your projects with our sensor and measurement expertise. We offer flexible solutions at reasonable prices ...

    By Helzel Messtechnik GmbH based in Kaltenkirchen, GERMANY. from Industrial Electronics Product line

  • Air Technology

    IGT Air Pumps are the state of the art submersible air pumps developed by International Groundwater Technologies Pty Ltd. The pumps are well proven over the last 12 years throughout Australia and New Zealand, Asia, Africa and the USA. These pumps are used by the largest International Consulting, Construction and Irrigation companies.

    By International Groundwater Technologies (IGT) based in Victoria, AUSTRALIA.

  • Water Well Casing

    Roscoe Moss Company is the only company in the world that produces casing designed specifically for water wells. Our casings are fabricated in sizes to most efficiently accommodate pump assemblies and is manufactured from steel alloys proved best suited for ground water development. All Roscoe Moss Company casing is fabricated by the spiral ...

    By Roscoe Moss Company based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model DM-VEX - Vacuum Extraction

    Wherever purification drainage is carried out using a large number of filters and a relatively low rate of flow, the intended rate of flow is often not achieved. Based on our years of experience in draining excavation pits, we now use ‘reciprocating pumps’ (suction pumps and rotary pumps) for our purification drainage activities. The ...

    By Logisticon Water Treatment b.v. based in Groot-Ammers, NETHERLANDS. from Environmental Product line

  • Prenart - Portable Vacuum Pump/Compressor System

    The portable vacuum pump is developed for the PRENART field equipment for soil and groundwater investigations. Due to it's simple construction and robustness, it is applicable everywhere when easy and quick access to vacuum or compressed air is required.

    By Prenart Equipment Aps based in Frederiksberg, DENMARK. from Other Products Product line

  • Shengte - Mobile Phone Underground Water Detector

    ADMT-100S 100m portable mobile phone mapping ground water detector/water finder/water detection device , , which is developed together with Guilin Technology Hydrogeological Investigation Institute. Based on over 40 years R&D design and exploration, the mobile phone water detector realize the technology that you can use the mobile phone ...

    By Xuchang Shengte Machinery Co., Ltd. based in Xuchang, CHINA. from Underground Water Detector Product line

  • Haviland - Detention & Retention System

    Subsurface detention/retention systems are often used as a more efficient use of land, rather than the use of a pond. A pond takes up a large amount of space, rending it unusable for anything other than stormwater storage, whereas the use of a subsurface system leaves the surface land available to be developed. Often times ...

    By Haviland Drainage Products Co based in Haviland, OHIO (USA). from Detention & Retention Product line

  • Model D-16 - Plastic Valve

    This is the standard valve component for the Waterra Standard Flow inertial pump. Simply screw this valve on to the base of our 5/8' Waterra HDPE tubing and you have a fully functional inertial pump. Minimum well diameter: 1'

    By Waterra USA Inc. based in Peshatin, WASHINGTON (USA). from Inertial Pumps Product line

  • B & P - Vacuum Sewer Systems for Black Waters and Bilge Waters

    A vacuum sewer system uses the differential pressure between atmospheric pressure and a partial vacuum maintained in the piping network and vacuum station collection vessel. This differential pressure allows a central vacuum station to collect the wastewater of several thousand individual homes, depending on terrain and the local situation. Vacuum ...

    By B&P Water Technologies s.r.l. based in Rome , ITALY. from Industrial RO Systems Product line

  • Watermaker - Model WM11000E-340 - Seawater Desalination System

    Up to 11000 liters per day - for large private homes, small and medium sized hotels, remote communities in islands or coastal areas The latest models in the Watermaker series is the watermaker WM 11000E-340. This model also has a patented energy recovery system which cuts the power consumption to around 2.2 kWh/m³ (8.3 kWh/1000 gallons) or ...

    By AqSep A/S based in Nordborg, DENMARK. from Watermaker Series Product line

  • Watermaker - Model WM 9000E-340 - Seawater Desalination Systems

    Up to 9000 liters per day - for large private homes, small and medium sized hotels, remote communities in islands or coastal areas. The latest models in the Watermaker series is the watermaker WM 9000E-340.  This model also has a patented  energy recovery system which cuts the power consumption to around 2.9 ...

    By AqSep A/S based in Nordborg, DENMARK. from Watermaker Series Product line

  • Nawabo - Groundwater Contamination Biological Filter

    Nawabo, the sustainable, effective biological filter for groundwater contamination. Nawabo is a concept developed by Bioclear earth, in which the sediments itself is actively utilised for the remediation of contaminated groundwater. Nawabo stands for natural degradation in sediments. We control the contamination by utilising the biological ...

    By Bioclear earth b.v. based in Groningen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Storm Capture - Underground Stormwater Detention Systems

    Storm Capture has many solutions for detention, retention, treatment, and harvesting that involve a combination of many parts designed to solve your storm water management needs. Whether your site needs a simple detention system to slow down runoff to prevent storm drain overloading, a groundwater recharge system for low-impact-development, a ...

  • Standard Flow System

    The Standard Flow System is the most popular inertial pump. This system is best suited for 1” to 2” ID monitoring wells and can provide lifts of 150 to 200 feet. Flow rates can be as much as 1 gallon per minute.The system consists of two components – a Standard Flow foot valve and a length of 5/8' OD Standard Flow high density ...

    By Waterra USA Inc. based in Peshatin, WASHINGTON (USA). from Inertial Pumps Product line

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