Leachate Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • PeCOD Analyzer Case Study: Landfill Leachate

    The peCOD (photoelectro Chemical Oxygen Demand) method for chemical oxygen demand (COD) analysis is well suited for landfill leachate samples as the rapid results helps provide information on the quality of the groundwater beneath landfills. Regular monitoring of groundwater is essential to ensure that landfill leachate is not entering the environment, as it may contain highly toxic chemicals. ...


  • DEVISE Leachate Treatment Solutions

    DEVISE Leachate Treatment Solutions

    DEVISE ENGINEERING is an experienced Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Manufacturer providing effective solutions for municipal and industrial applications.DEVISE proudly announces that it has successfully completed, in cooperation with Thalis ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Testing Filters

    Testing Filters

    GE’s Whatman TCLP test filters are acid-treated with low metal content. They support TCLP testing by providing accurate information about TCLP limits to ensure the best possible disposal plan can be put into action.